This role ensures that all manufactured products meet or exceed customer expectations and Quality requirements. The manager assumes a leadership role in reinforcing and adhering to established company quality standards and specifications, validating quality throughout the production process.
Manages and directs the quality department in compliance with relevant federal regulations, customer expectations and company standards. Supervises activities relating to inspection, laboratory testing, auditing, and process control within a large sized plant with high complexity. Also responsible for implementing, maintaining and modifying the plant’s quality management system to improve business operating systems and to meet the requirements of customers and best practice audits. Oversees validations of new product, qualifications on plant equipment, inspection, laboratory testing, statistical process control and corrective action with a mindset of continuous improvement.

Specific Duties

  1. Owner, Expert, Executor, and Teacher of the company Quality Management System to local management teams and staff
  2. Design, implement and direct the quality assurance program for the Allentown plant.
  3. Establish/maintain quality program, including but not limited to:
    1. Plant management responsibility
    2. Document and data control
    3. Control of customer supplied materials and nonconforming product/material
    4. Product identification and traceability
    5. Inspecting/testing procedures and control of related equipment
    6. Corrective and preventive actions
    7. Internal quality audits (housekeeping, GMP, etc.)
  4. Establish/monitor/maintain statistical process control (SPC) programs.
  5. Advise and instruct local managers in utilization of SPC data. Provide consistent ongoing analysis of process capability (CPK) statistics. Determine/recommend/assist in continuous improvement programs to meet plant/division quality objective and advise the plant manager of appropriate action plans. Suggest improvements in procedures and techniques to improve product/customer acceptance.
  6. Establish/monitor and control hold for inspection (HFI) procedures to ensure nonconforming materials do not enter the production process and are properly identified and segregated.
  7. Coordinate quality activities with other division/plant personnel seeking mutual agreement on problems involving coordination.
  8. Supervise hourly personnel at the assigned location(s) responsible for the coordination and performance of the overall quality.
  9. Inspection of incoming purchased materials, work-in-process material, rework materials and finished goods. Assure the required level of quality through visual inspection, statistical sampling and laboratory testing of materials. Ascertain the reasons for nonconforming materials.
  10. Performance of operator and technicians tests – section weights, wall thickness, dimensional characteristics, glue usage and patterns, banding tension, stretch wrap usage and load to force, etc.
  11. Processing of all scrap materials including but not limited to bottle/preform salvage and regrind, corrugated salvage and other materials.
  12. Design and implement accurate reporting and recording of scrap, reprocessed materials. Control the movement of these materials.
  13. Ascertain the disposition of materials placed on HFI.
  14. Develop and implement continuous improvement plans for defect prevention programs by determining the cause of chronic defects. Recommend and stimulate corrective action with plant personnel/staff managers by encouraging an atmosphere of continuous improvement and employee involvement programs. Provide leadership in campaigning for quality improvements.
  15. Provide consistent ongoing analysis of defect costs/customer complaints in order to provide plant manager and division quality manager with appropriate actions.
  16. Lead quality initiatives and procedures to ensure best in class practices are maintained at the facility. Serve as local contact for external audit programs (AIB, HACCP) and assist plant management in implementing corrective actions to such audits.
  17. Serve as the back-up plant representative for the Allentown plant in dealing with customer complaints or quality problems. Travel as required to customer locations to ascertain the nature of problems and their impacts.
  18. Design, implement, and coordinate training programs for managers, staff and employees to assure uniform quality standards are defined and expectations communicated.
  19. Manage quality department supplies and expense budget and ensure spending is cost effective.

Education Required: Bachelor degree in a technical discipline.

Experience Required:

  • 7-10 years related experience in quality assurance in a manufacturing organization, preferably in plastic packaging
  • Professional Accreditation in Quality Engineering and Systems preferred
  • Professional development and continuing education, such as Six Sigma or involvement in professional societies
  • Advanced, mastery level knowledge of Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodologies, Process Capability, and Designed Experiment procedures is required
  • Comprehensive understanding of quality management systems, food safety programs, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), HACCP, and GMP standards is required
  • Experience in designing and implementing advanced Quality Management Systems is preferred
  • Experience with plastics and/or packaging or other high speed, high volume conversion processes in the production environment is preferred
  • Must have strong skills in Microsoft Office, Statistical Analysis, Process/Product Control and Designed Experimentation software tools
  • Must be self-starting, self-motivated personality type, able to work independently

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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