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This position manages all aspects of Quality Assurance including customer/supplier relationships. Responsible for product and process compliance.

  • Ensures that company policies, operations, and procedures meet customer, company, and industry quality requirements.
  • Ensures that company quality system is implemented as defined by the quality manual
  • Manages the Internal Quality Audit system, perform and facilitate audits
  • Manages quality and inspection personnel
  • Establishes and directs quality control processes to ensure raw material and finished product conformance with product quality specifications
  • Establishes, supervises, and monitors in-process and final inspection procedures in conjunction with manufacturing
  • Reports on quality performance of operations and product reliability
  • Participates in development of processes and existing design improvements to ensure internal quality planning is addressed
  • Responsible for issuing, revising and approving the quality manual
  • Acts as liaison with customers and/or suppliers to resolve quality issues and facilitate on-site visits
  • Works with personnel from all departments
  • Has authority to prevent further processing, delivery or installation of non-conforming items or services until deficiency is resolved
  • Analyzes data and proposes improvements to products and processes

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Full-Time Regular
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