Job Description

Quality Control Analyst

Position Responsibilities
● Scan Incoming raw materials.
● Sending finished products for testing.
● Maintaining Raman Spectroscopy library.
● Maintaining Organoleptic reference sample library.
● Obtaining standards for the Raman library.
● Inbound releasing and providing approved drums/boxes.
● Creating specifications and filling specifications for each ingredient, completing one for each T#, and filing with Raman
● Blend Sample testing and releasing blend for fill.
● Signing off on deviations and ensuring appropriate documentation.
● Releasing cleaned rooms, equipment, blenders, and signing off on the cleaning logs.
● Setup checks and scheduled process checks to ensure specifications, cleanliness, and appropriate practices are met.

These duties include;
  • Verifying pallets containing the right ingredients, flavor, and color have been pulled inside the blend room.
  • Verifying correct blend, bottles, scoops, desiccants, etc. have been sourced for all fill room. Verifying fill weights are within the specified parameters.
  • Checking for correct capsules being used for encapsulation, and that the capsule fill weights are within the parameters.
  • Verify all correct packaging components are used, and check the finished product for adequate seal, and
  • uniform labels and neckbands.
● Investigating issues related to products, ingredients, and operation and drafting reports.
● Conducting Quality related employee training


• Bachelors degree required
• Two years QC/QA experience is required
• Valid driver’s license
• Able to pass drug test/background checks
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Working nights, weekends and holidays is a bonus
• Able to work in a fast-paced environment
• Familiarity with production software or Google sheets
• Able to work independently
• Pays attention to details and monitors the quality of inventory
• Highly organized and able to store items efficiently
• Must follow all health and safety procedures and regulations

Base salary 55k-65k plus Benefits and growth potential.

Please send your resume to for immediate consideration.

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Alpharetta GA
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