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We are looking for experienced and qualified Quality and Safety Manager responsible for the management of Quality and Safety Department in line with Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Policies and Manuals and CASA regulations.
The permanent role is based in Brisbane

Job Responsibilities:-

  • development, implementation and on-going maintenance of the Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems and associated document for Hevilift
  • Reporting to senior management on the performance of Safety Management System, including deficiencies and rectification in the Safety Management System;
  • Ensuring the structure and content of the Exposition remain appropriate for the scope of the Organisation’s activities, ensuring all amendments are processed in conformance with the procedure specified in the SMS;
  • Maintain and record Regulatory authorisation certificates;
  • Manage the process and issue Company Authorisation (HLAs) to staff on the recommendation of Flights Operation Manager and Engineering Manager
  • Develop and maintain procedures for the identification of non-conformances and monitoring, implementation and completion of corrective and preventative actions.
  • Conducting internal audits and safety inspections by selecting and measuring quality including customer and personnel feedback, to ensure the Organisation’s safety policies is being achieved;
  • Reporting audit results, findings, trend and areas of potential concern for management review;
  • Ensuring any corrective and preventative actions relating to safety, quality, Exposition, standards, procedures, processes and organisational systems are carried out, effectively and in a timely manner (delegate where applicable);
  • Work as part of Safety Committee and Management to ensure that Hevilift safety program is implemented and maintained as per the requirements of CARs, Exposition and National OHS regulations.
  • Submitting recommendations to and participating in Safety and Management Review Committee meetings.
  • Ensuring safety committee meetings are appropriately staffed, recorded and conducted on a frequency no less than monthly;
  • Coordinating scheduling management reviews, providing review feedback to staff and taking follow-up action as directed;
  • On matters directly impacting on safety, exercising the right of direct contact with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority;
  • Ensuring any required exemptions against regulatory requirements are processed in accordance with Civil Aviation Rule Part 11 and any associated conditions are complied with;
  • Ensure occurrence investigations are carried out and conducted in accordance with the procedures in the SMS and reporting in line with Part 12, as directed by Occurrence Investigator.
  • Ensuring that any serious defects and incidents that occur are reported to the appropriate authority and recorded in the internal electronic reporting system;
  • Ensures internal safety reporting investigations were carried out and manage/track open reports to ensure timely closure and appropriate actions are undertaken to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Take on the role of Champion of the Air Maestro database, i.e. manage and promote Air Maestro at the Regional level;
  • Promoting awareness of quality and customer requirements throughout the organisation; and
  • Demonstrating a positive commitment to the Organisation’s Safety Policy and leadership in attaining the Organisation’s Quality Objectives.
  • Ensure injury Management and return to work practices are reported and managed appropriately (provide guidance and support for Managers)

Job Requirements :

  • Qualifications and/or experience in aviation safety and HSSE practices, including auditing qualifications and root cause analysis
  • Must have 5 years experiences in aviation with flight operations or maintenance background
  • Proven successful experience in a similar position.
  • A detail knowledge of, or ability to gain in a brief time period – relevant aviation legislation including National – Civil Aviation Act, Safety Regulations, OHS regulations and related Acts and Regulations
  • Demonstrated high level of written ability in areas such as preparation of reports, correspondence and procedural manuals
  • Demonstrated experiences in safety and security related work with a good appreciation of the highest standards required in the aviation industry.
  • Well-developed interpersonal communication skills are essential.
  • High level computer literacy.

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