Job Description

We are a leading company in Mississauga and we are looking for a Quality Assurance Inspector to join us. Don't miss this opportunity.

The right candidate should possess strong interpersonal skills to help guide and oversee the department assigned to them, ensuring all tasks are completed in a safe and timely manner. They are in charge of coordinating work across multiple areas and ensuring that safety protocols are followed at all times.

Shift Timing :

Morning - 7:00 am - 4:00 pm (Must be flexible)

Pay Rate :

Starting from $16 (Depending upon experience)

Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Coming to wrok each day at the required time
  • Providing help whenever/ whereever required
  • Abiding by company policies and procedures at all times
  • Performing other tasks within your skill, ability and training as assigned by Management
  • Inspect intial production products , applicable drawing standards and work - instructions
  • Monitor and inspect finished coated products, ensuring all quality standards are met
  • Verify count, measurements and total number of bars of required finished products
  • Identify personal areas requiring further training or education and submit request to attend courses, workshops, webinars etc
  • Perform general labour duties when necessary to assist / maintain production pace and performance


Mississauga, ON ON
Date Posted

Employee Type
Full-Time Regular