Employee Type
Full-Time Regular
Ann Arbor MI

Job Description


  • All duties to be completed accurately and on time with a professional manner for optimum quality and customer service.


  • Communication/Leadership
  • Planning/Task Accomplishment
  • Job Knowledge/Quality of Work
  • Customer Service
  • Purchasing and Warehousing


The ideal candidate should have:

Strong math and computer(excel and word) skills

Experience with Business Purchasing systems

Experience with Vendor Purchasing systems

Good writing skills

Experience in Construction and/or Automotive industries



  1. Communicate clearly and effectively with all internal and external customers.
  2. Effectively assist Management in the training and direction of personnel.
  3. Clearly communicate company policies and standards
  4. Resolve or communicate to the VP of Finance any employee problems or concerns.
  5. Promote positive teamwork.
  6. Resolve or communicate to Management any customer concerns.
  7. Formulate agenda assist in department meetings or training as required.
  8. Measure results through feedback by other employees, customers, and with a one-on-one review with Management.

Planning and Task Accomplishment

  1. Assist with areas of sales, customer service, scheduling, deliveries, equipment ordering and related duties.

Job duties and knowledge include, but not limited to:

  1. Assist and provide direction to Personnel, including scheduling deliveries.
  2. Assist with support of the outside sales staff.
  3. Assist with administrative details involving personnel.
  4. Ensure all warranties are processed.
  5. Continually learn new techniques to efficiently perform tasks as required: i.e.: Computer techniques.
  6. Assist with truck and equipment maintenance scheduling.
  7. Ensure proper and safe housekeeping in designated areas of concern.
  8. Ensure compliance with all safety standards on and off the site.
  9. Participate in facility security and daily closing procedures as required.
  10. Review and resolve purchase orders and related documents daily.
  11. Review procedures and make recommendations to improve efficient flow of documentation relating to customer service, including but not limited to invoicing, service orders and customer compliance.
  12. Review, monitor and develop more efficient/effective procedures.
  13. Results will be measured through one-on-one discussions with Management and review of work processed.

Quality of Work

  1. Complete the tasks assigned efficiently and accurately with thorough communication.
  2. Measure results through one-on-one discussions with Management and review of work processed.
  3. Evaluate and address feedback from both external and internal customers.

Customer Service

  1. Provide services at all times in a professional and efficient manner. Communicate effectively with customers to ensure service is performed to specifications in a safe and accurate manner. Careful follow-up with customers to qualify level of service performed.
  2. Measure results through one-on-one discussions with your Management and work processed. Feedback may be provided by other employees or outside customers.