Position Id
Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Position: Project Manager (Level 3) - 12017

Duration: 5 + months and may be extended for 6 more months

Location: Moncton - Outside of Fredericton

Job Description:

  • Formulates statements of management, scientific and business problems, establishes procedures for the development and implementation of significant, new or modified computer systems to solve these problems, and obtain approval thereof.
  • Defines and documents the objectives for the project, determines budgetary requirements, the composition, roles and responsibilities, and terms of reference for the project team.
  • Manages the project during the development, implementation and operations start up by ensuring that resources from all service areas are made available and that the system is developed and totality operates within previously agreed time, cost and performance parameters.
  • Reports progress of the project on an ongoing basis, and at scheduled points in the life cycle to the sponsors of the project.
  • Evaluates proposed computer systems to determine technical feasibility, functional adequacy, and estimated costs for implementation and operation.
  • Meets in conference with program managers and other cognizant officials and states problems in a form capable of being solved.
  • Prepares plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analysing or displaying problems. Works with a variety of scientific, business or engineering tools requiring a sound knowledge of mathematics and management sciences.
  • Must have a demonstrated capability of managing a team of specialists, analysts and programmers.
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