Job Description

Project Architect

Design The Project Architect shall be responsible for the success of in-house design phase of projects they are assigned including profitability, quality of design documents, design schedule adherence and overall customer satisfaction. The Project Architect will fulfill the following job specific duties:

Preconstruction and Proposal Related Duties:

  • Provides preliminary design and pricing documents as necessary for the pursuit and pricing of proposals in coordination with the preconstruction and proposal efforts.
  • Provides preliminary code review and evaluation of new projects during the inception phase to ensure code compliance.
  • Solicits proposals from outside consultants
  • Research project jurisdiction, code, zoning and permit requirements.

Design Phase Duties:

  • Overall coordination and communication as necessary throughout the course of design. Work with preconstruction team and design consultants in the following activities including but not limited to:
  • Establishment of project design schedules and deliverables
  • Preparation of preliminary and final construction documents in both 2-D (CAD) format and 3-D (BIM) formats as necessary or required by the Owner
  • Preparation of Project Specifications as necessary
  • Provides review and interpretation of applicable Building Codes throughout the course of the design phase of the project

  • Takes overall “ownership” of the design phase of the project as necessary.
  • Leads or participates as necessary in regular design coordination meetings.
  • Reviews the project design documents and drawings to ensure the scope of work matches the POS as part of our Owner Agreement.
  • Coordinates with AHJ and permitting authorities necessary. Facilitates any preliminary permitting meetings necessary prior to final drawings being released.
  • Coordinates the integration of the design and engineering consultants drawings and documents necessary for permitting and construction.
  • Participates in design review meetings with the customer
  • Other activities as necessary.

Construction Related Duties:

  • Works with the Project Manager and Superintendent assigned to the project to develop a site logistics and utilization plan.
  • Assist the Project Manager to expedite the necessary construction permits for the project.
  • Review of submittals from Subcontractors and Suppliers for conformance to specifications project requirements as provided by the Project Manager.
  • Ensures that design related Requests for Information (RFIs) from Subcontractors and Suppliers are answered in a timely fashion.
  • Provides supplemental drawings and information (SK or ASI Drawings) as necessary to facilitate construction.
  • Works with the Construction Project Manager to provide periodic jobsite inspections and reports to ensure conformance to overall specified quality standards.
  • Participate in the final inspection process and assists in the development of the project punchlist.
  • Ensures final Record Documents are prepared and transferred to the Project Manager.
  • Other activities as necessary.

Additional Requirements:

  • Knowledge of and consistently implement all applicable company policies and procedures.
  • Extensive experience in a variety of construction project types.
  • Regularly participates in presentations to prospective clients and participates actively in the business development and work procurement process.
  • To be an overall project leader during the design phase with the ability to push the project to completion without creating negative feelings from other team members.
  • Ability to work directly as a team with Owners and Company leadership and individually when necessary.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and or tasks when necessary.
  • Must maintain a winning, positive, “can do” attitude while maintaining a sense of urgency regarding completing tasks and assignments. Ability to remain level headed while managing simultaneous tasks or assignments.
  • Ability to think “outside of the box” to solve problems in a creative manner.
  • Ability to multi-task as necessary to keep the design phase of the project moving forward to a timely completion.
  • The Project Architect must be a team player and effectively communicate and coordinate with all team members and clients throughout the course of design and construction of the project.
  • Ability to utilize available software tools to effectively manage and communicate with others on a construction project.
  • Research and keeps current on key building elements for our project types.
  • Ensures all hardware and software tools necessary to complete the design for the company’s projects are up-to-date. Seeks and obtains training on new systems and procedures when necessary.


- Bachelor’s Degree and Registered Architect License preferred

- Ten plus years experience in Industrial Design/Build Architecture

- Food/Cold Storage Industry and/or Automated Warehousing Experience a Big Plus

- Revit/Bim Experience Required.

- Ability to interact with client and lead design review meetings with all disciplines.

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Kennesaw GA
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