Project Administrator / Intermediate (ID:3118)

Position Id
Gatineau, QC
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Security: Enhanced
References: Two references needed upon submission. Must be recent within 2 year to 3 years.
Bilingual Intermediate

What you must bring to this role :

1. Minimum of one year of experience in project administration and must clearly demonstrate experience in performing a full range of administrative duties relating to logistical arrangements for meetings and conferences. This would include: assisting in managing all phases of program delivery including registration, staff, and setup, logistical assistance during programs, evaluation and wrap-up of program activities.

2. Must be flexible, willing to learn and have experience in time management, stock taking, data entry and analysis, as well as planning and coordinating to support logistical courses.

3. Distribute computer equipment such as desktops, laptops to staff and students, set up operation with laptops, printers, internet, and photocopiers for military exercises.

4. Assist in the development of plans and projects and monitor its progress.

5. Provide technical support to staff and students on computer and software issues and help plan and coordinate various training activities including staffing.

What you will achieve in this role:

Working under the direction of the Defense Public Affairs Learning Centre (DPALC):


1. Ability to effectively manage conflicting priorities and deadlines.

2. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and writing.

3. Ability to track and control correspondence and project assignments.

4. Ability to carry out analysis, compile and identify various sources of information.

5. Ability to assist in the development of plans and projects.


A minimum of one reference is mandatory. The reference must be attached to the resume and be recent within the past two years. The reference must be work related such as current or previous supervisors, managers, etc. Provide the contact information of your reference.

Only those who are qualified will be contacted

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