Job Description

Project Accountant - Kennesaw

  • Conditional and Final Lien Waiver Requests - verifying if a project has been paid in full or if a conditional waiver is needed for payment to be processed
  • Setting up projects – receive PIF request, verify and enter PO, set up cost/revenue budgets-enter project # on shared project list
  • Billing Projects – receive billing request, verify information, determine if taxes are applicable, enter materials, labor, and freight lines for billing-email invoice to customer or enter in customer portal
  • Request COI – enter request through Risk Management request from Sales Department to update salespersons for all three companies as needed
  • Weekly Duties
  • Main Liaison with AR team out of country
  • Scan Check Deposits
  • Bank Verifications
  • Monthly Duties
  • Projects
  • Month End COGS Report
  • Month End KPI Report
  • Enter Freight Costs manually into projects (once or twice a month)
  • Manually transfer costs as needed/manually process RMA’s (Credit Costs in Project)
  • Open Project Report; identify which projects can be closed-manually close them in Oracle
  • Run process to post consignment inventory

Create necessary adjusting entries to clear these variances when necessary

  • Assist with CPI P&L Review
  • Research variances and provide explanations for all variances +/- 10%
  • Reach out to department heads to ensure that no material activity is missing
  • Yearly Duties
  • Set up new fiscal year bucket projects as requested
  • Sales and franchise taxes
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Kennesaw GA
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