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  • Execute daily projects based upon performance data to increase overall equipment effectiveness and reduce technical downtime
  • Works directly with all shop floor associates to diagnose machine operation variations and equipment problems.
  • Source parts from outside sources and procure parts using SAP system while adhering to all purchasing rules
  • Support in the planning, organization, direction, coordination, and controlling maintenance shutdown activities
  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and control maintenance activities
  • Provides operator training to all operations personnel to reduce process interruptions
  • Manage the work order and PM management system
  • Develop A3 root cause analysis reports for excessive downtime.
  • Assist with KPI data collection and analysis process to drive MTBF/MTTR improvements.
  • Assist in managing non-stocked capital critical spare parts
  • Drive 5S results and performance.
  • Schedule PM’s
  • Communicate with other shift leaders to discuss updates and establish priorities
  • Participate in projects to improve processes and reduce downtime
  • Instruct and train in methods and procedures
  • Administrative supervisory responsibilities
  • Address operator needs and determine necessary maintenance, establishing priorities
  • Coordinate with maintenance Engineers for major repairs
  • Retrieve storeroom items for production employees
  • Stop production processes to correct quality, safety or environmental problems, identify and place suspect product on quality hold and address noncompliant practices
  • Manage team sick and vacation time, communicating between team leaders to ensure coverage
  • Prepare performance evaluations for team members

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