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  • Maintain good labor relations.
  • In conjunction with the Production and Technical Supervisor, manage the discipline of employees as necessary.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with maintenance and services personnel that are providing services to the potlines.
  • In conjunction with the Production and Technical Supervisor, maintain the required administrative records on assigned employees.
  • Maintain operating data and complete shift reports as required.
  • Monitor and control performance of assigned employees, insuring that standard operating procedures are adhered to.
  • Implement the company's Safety and Health Programs, including the Human Performance Initiative.
  • Recommend improvements to equipment, techniques, and standard operating procedures.
  • Implement company's Training and Development Programs for human resources.
  • Cross-train employees under the direction of the Production and Technical Supervisor.
  • Operate a cost-effective potline by conserving the company's resources.
  • Maintain a controlled and disciplined shift.
  • Provide input for immediate and long-range improvements in operations and personnel policies.
  • Make changes in the computer control of pots; for example, temporary voltage changes, change of feeder rates, and change of potline power input.
  • Ensure that the process computer is operating properly and call the proper person if there are problems.
  • Make rounds of the assigned potline to inspect abnormal pots and to take corrective action as required.
  • Coordinate anode delivery with the Rodding Room.
  • Coordinate metal delivery with the Cast House.
  • Assume authority on off shifts for emergency cut out of pots and unscheduled power interruptions. Inform management of unscheduled interruptions and coordinate scheduled interruptions with electrical maintenance.
  • Perform pot metal profiles as scheduled or assigned.
  • Support problem solving teams and all other quality related efforts.
  • Evaluate means to conserve company resources and minimize waste.
  • Appraise employee performance.

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