Production Manager

Position Title: Production Manager
Reports to: Plant Manager Cement


To manage the production department so that all sections operate as one cohesive unit. Oversee equipment optimization, utilization and reliability while maintaining quality, compliance with environmental limitation, and within or under budgeted costs. The Production Manager also manages the process department to support, communicate, and coordinate the plants needs regarding Process and Engineering issues while continuously seeking to optimization and bring about continuous improvement


• Must be proven as a successful Production Manager in the cement manufacturing industry.
• The long-term scheduling, supervision of the plant production, maintaining quality, environmental compliance, and safety are the prime tasks.
• Responsible to prepare the annual budget for his departments in conjunctions with the Plant Controller and to monitor the performance relative to the budget on a monthly basis.
• Responsible to develop necessary capital expenditures within his department to maintain and improve productivity.
• This person will be a major contributor to the three-year technical plan.
• Maintaining a sound working relationship with the hourly employees and the union executive within the confines of the Collective Agreement.
• Must be knowledgeable in all facets of operation in the cement plant.
• Must be able to replace or fill in with any subordinates if and when required.
• Must keep abreast of new technology and be receptive to new ideas as well as running test trials when required.
• Helps prepare and ensures that all departments are developing their people through training and communication.
• Holds regular communication meetings with his peers and subordinates and ensures the information is getting down to lower levels.
• Must be available “on-call” on a rotating basis with other members of the plant staff.
• Assesses the performance of his staff through regular discussions, objectives and year-end performance review.
• Must ensure that all his subordinates are working safely and in an environmentally acceptable manner at all times through regular monthly safety meetings, reviews, and on the job coaching.
• Must take a leadership role in the plant safety program and actively insist on environmental compliance with all permits and other regulatory requirements.
• Work with Stores and Purchasing Department to establish necessary spare parts and inventory levels.
• Provide the Controller with monthly accruals related to the Production Department.
• Responsible for reviewing plant operating performances to ensure adherence for reviewing to corporate technical plans, quality standards, optimum production practices.


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