Aldine TX
$100,000.00 - $125,000.00
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Min Years Experience

Role You Will Play:

In this position, your primary focus will be on shaping product strategy through competitor analysis, market research, and direct collaboration with the sales team. Your duties include driving marketing initiatives to bolster product and brand awareness, as well as sales. Additionally, you will conduct product demonstrations in webinars and trade shows, contributing to the development of this division alongside an experienced sales team.


  • Join a rapidly expanding manufacturer of exterior building products with a decade-long track record of success.
  • Work within a team-oriented organization, collaborating with industry veterans.
  • Engage with an innovative company that consistently produces top-tier products.

Benefits & Features:

  • Competitive benefits plan, 401K, paid vacation, and commission/bonus opportunities.
  • Take advantage of growth opportunities, as the organization aggressively expands into new markets.


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