Date Posted
Torrance, CA
Salary Range
60,000.00 USD - 80,000.00 USD

Position Summary
This position is responsible for
overseeing the cost-effective procurement of technical equipment and materials for construction projects.
This position will manage supplier performance in terms of quality, cost, delivery and responsiveness to client needs.

Job Description
[Procurement Management]

  • Review the RFP, Technical Drawings, Design Specifications, FSAR, Engineering Codes from clients, and specify the technical and quality requirements to the procurement
  • Evaluate and analyze technical data designs, preliminary specifications, and availability of parts and equipment for each project
  • Lead the procurement and sourcing of equipment for each construction projects
  • Prepare BOM/Request for quotation (RFQ) to suppliers based on requirements from customers
  • Analyze vendor BOMs for exclusions and/or substitutions. Review, compare, and package all BOMs for exact requirements
  • Lead negotiation with suppliers for a best price and set terms and conditions as per the company’s policy
  • Create technical documents by collecting technical and testing data for clients to obtain approvals from the US Government
  • Manage the procurement process and ensure on-time deliveries. Expedite orders when necessary.
  • Conduct QA and confirm that the supplier products(s) meet specifications and requirements of the US Armed Force; compare and confirm that the terms described in drawings, specifications and the product catalogue match the suppliers’ qualifications
  • Conduct technical adjustments of equipment to improve efficiency. Review and analyze the impact of those adjustments
  • Manages the change order process, participating in or directly negotiating change orders or disputes of contract obligations, collaborates Corporate Counsel on unique conditions and/or situations

[Client / Supplier Relationships]

  • Manage client relationships by building a professional rapport, following up consistently and by maintaining ongoing contact and communication
  • Manage supplier performance in terms of quality cost, delivery and responsiveness to client needs
  • Establish and maintain supplier relationships with existing and new suppliers and contractors to leverage the supply base and foster continuous competition to generate benefits for the company
  • Set-up vendor management program focused on service, quality, logistics and delivery for materials to improve vendor relationship

[Team Management and Improvement]

  • Define and set clear and challenging Key Performance Indicators for the department aligned with company goals and objectives
  • Manage supply activities related, proactively identify constraints & highlight potential risks.
  • Create policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation
  • Manage and optimize inventory through balancing the requirements of customer service, cash and cost
  • Manage the approval process for purchasing documents, ensure proper approvals and archive approvals.
  • Attend regional purchasing meetings to develop policies & procedures for the company
  • Create monthly and weekly procurement reports
  • Attend corporate and HQ meetings to discuss internal issues and propose ideas and changes for the benefit of the company
  • Drive ongoing value creation with the supply base and identify and manage strategic business relationships
  • Review and improve organizational effectiveness by developing processes, overseeing and training employees, establishing a highly motivated work environment, and creating innovative approaches for improvement
  • Performs other duties as assigned by senior management as necessary