Osarks MO
United States
Injection Molding
Date Posted

Process Technician

This role is responsible for helping the Plastic Processing Engineer to improve operating equipment performance and related processes. Will work in conjunction with production, maintenance, quality, and engineering departments to improve safety, quality, productivity, and reduce costs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Focus is on mold set-ups and cycle time improvement
  • Work in conjunction with other departments to improve safety, quality, and production processes, reduce delays, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.
  • Apply continuous improvement methods such as lean manufacturing, six sigma and A-3 problem solving techniques to enhance manufacturing quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness.
  • Utilize statistical means to optimize and improve performance.
  • Analyze process performance data and identify trends, runs, to reduce process variation.
  • Participate and contribute to the achievement of department goals including goal setting.
  • Identify and solve chronic/repetitive problems and failures.

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