Winston Salem NC
United States of America
Injection Molding
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Process Technician

Our client is looking for a Process Technician for their injection molding facility. The ideal candidate will have the following experience
  • Perform mold changes and setups on molding machines with assistance from Mold Tech or Process Tech. Start/troubleshoot injection molding machines using Scientific Molding principles to produce conforming product.
  • Develop and demonstrate a basic knowledge of all in house machinery – knowledge of machine safety, machine functions, and molding machine vocabulary.
  • Robotics – Change End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT), load programs, start, stop, and step through programs on multiple machines, and basic cut and position adjustments.
  • Processing – Load predefined part recipes and verify to process sheet. Understanding of scientific molding principles and a decoupled II process.
  • Materials – Identify various material types and understand resin drying parameters. Understanding of material morphology and the differences between semi-crystalline and amorphous resins.
  • Quality Systems – Demonstrate an understanding to troubleshoot and use scientific molding to correct molding defects, read and follow QI, use of gauges, and complete a startup checklist. Ability to read blueprints and perform first piece inspections to QI.
  • Technical Communication – The ability to communicate on a technical level and use of scientific molding vocabulary to offer solutions.
  • Insure that all machines are operating at standard cycle times and operating efficiencies, as well as producing quality parts. Makes adjustments to process and/or machine setup as necessary to support the above. Notify Technical Molding Manager or Supervisor when unable to attain due to elements outside of technician’s control.
  • Develop and maintain good working relations with other departments and all others that must interact with the department.

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