Racine WI
Blow Molding
Date Posted

Process Manager

• Setup, process and troubleshoot Bekum, Automa, Uniloy and Stretch
Blow molding machines including all auxiliary equipment.
• Process development for new bottles including making all tooling, blow
pin tips, counter molds and fabrication.
• Maintain, repair and improvement of all molds.
• Help provide process and maintenance support to other Consolidated
Container plants for new bottles, equipment and material.
• Help with cost saving projects like labor to material cost ratio, 5S and lean
• Machine and process improvement and documentation of all processes.
• Provide all training for Set-up and Process Techs on all equipment,
material handling and quality assurance with all multi plant employees.
• Help implement and train Setup and Process Tech’s in Lock Out – Tag Out
and emphasize safety as an important company policy.
• Manage, Supervise and train all Setup Techs.
• Other Management duties as needed.

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