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  • Create, implement and maintain quality control procedures
  • Aid in the development of processes and practices necessary to produce different grades of steel to comply with specific industry and customer requirements
  • Interface with customers as needed for product development or customer concern resolution
  • Work with engineering and maintenance groups to solve production related issues
  • Write technical documents and work instructions relating to productions processes and customer requirements
  • Maintain/update heat treatment recipe standards
  • Requires experience and understanding of the industrial environment, specifically in heat treating and converting high quality steel for the purpose of creating a strength-to-weight ratio that meets the standards of our customers
  • Troubleshoot heat treat processes at each plant (recipe modification needs, chemistry influences and equipment)
  • Serve as a metallurgical engineering reference for capital projects
  • Ensure hardness tests are conducted properly and that the equipment is functioning properly
  • Supplier development functions including working with purchasing on auditing suppliers and handling supplier non-conformances
  • Provide expertise in decisions concerning the disposition of nonconforming material
  • Communicating test requirements to external laboratories
  • Interpretation and maintenance of customer specifications and industry standards (ASTM, ASME, API, etc) including ensuring that requirements and changes are communicated and met
  • Technical review of order to determine if plants are capable of producing the order (product inquires generated by sales contacts)
  • Ensure that equipment calibrations occur and that calibration records are maintained
  • Communicate with the leadership team (plant mgt and operations) on the resolution of technical issues

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