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The Process Engineer will support the business strategies and goals of the department, division, and company. The Process Engineer provides the tools and resources necessary to foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement for themselves, their people, and the department to protect shareholder investment and operational capacity.

The Process Engineer will be responsible for standardization administration as it relates to processes in control standards, management standards, routine procedures, job aids, one-point lesions, and process guarantee tables. This position is responsible for ensuring that standardization processes are properly documented, and training is provided to personnel responsible for operating in accordance with the standards. This position is accountable for auditing performance, documenting findings, and developing corrective action plans. These duties will include standard compliance audits as well as the development and implementation of new and existing standards.

The incumbent will lead Failure Analysis when significant problems occur and compare performance to existing standards. This job is responsible for making appropriate updates to standards when needed. This job is responsible for conducting performance audits against standards and developing appropriate corrective action to ensure compliance of standards. The incumbent must possess good communication skills, can articulate ideas, give feedback, and resolve conflicts, must be results-oriented and have the ability to motivate others.


  • Evaluate and improve safety, operator training, quality practices and operational processes in hot rolling of long bar products;
  • Be capable of identifying and correcting safety hazards, practices and procedures;
  • Maintain safe, effective and reliable rolling mill systems while improving production rates, uptime efficiencies, yields, costs and changeovers;
  • Be familiar with and meet customer expectations for all finished products;
  • Promote, mentor and sustain quality, standards and practices. Become qualified as an internal ISO auditor;
  • Develop innovative enhancing solutions within our manufacturing and departmental business practices. Conduct equipment and process studies to support continuous improvement and optimize all phases of the production process;
  • Perform regular assessments of materials and developing newly optimized material requirements to sustain yield best practices. Contribute within the new product inquiry process;
  • Collect, record, and transcribe data as needed to support continuous improvement analysis and process implementations. Verify data system and records;
  • Manage major capital or other projects and ensure they are effectively completed on time and budget;
  • Assist in establishing departmental budgets and business plans and contribute to ensure goals are achieved;
  • Train and develop mill operators as needed, to include periodic shift work, to meet training and business objectives.

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