The primary responsibility of this role is to successfully complete process improvement projects related to the regeneration facilities. These projects will be designed to improve the Safety, Quality and Cost of the regeneration facilities. Position is responsible ensuring consistency among all the regeneration facilities in terms of processes, procedures, and documentation.


  1. Position will be expected to identify and improve plant operations through the use of lean tools and standardized training.
  2. Position would remain actively involved in the regeneration process and is expected to communicate ideas and proposed changes through proper channels.
  3. Position will manage the Quality Incident database and drive root cause and corrective action implementation to prevent recurrence at all the regeneration facilities.
  4. Position is responsible for the training of the regeneration facilities in order to ensure Standard Operation Procedures are being utilized. The documentation Standard Operating Procedures may be required.
  5. Position must be actively involved in all equipment installations at the regeneration facilities to ensure adequate training and procedure documentation.
  6. Position is responsible for tracking process changes, and communicating the changes effectively.
  7. Position is expected to understand, train, and enforce corporate safety standards.
  8. Travel to various sites to assist in special projects.
  9. The position will work closely with the Project Engineer, Plant Managers, Division Engineering and the Plant Service Manager to prioritize the workload that maximizes safety, cost savings, and service efficiencies.
  10. Performs other duties as directed.

Required Experience

  1. Bachelors Degree in Engineering or related field.
  2. Associated Degree will be considered with relevant experience.
  3. Strong technical/mechanical skills.
  4. Candidates should have proficiency with all MS Office applications.
  5. Hands-on ability is a must.
  6. Professional oral and written interpersonal communication.
  7. Individually motivated.
  8. Must be willing to travel (up to 100 nights annually).

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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