Process Engineer

  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required
  • Experience: We are looking for someone with 5-10 years of actual injection molding processing experience, who can start-up machines from scratch and bring product into spec if a dimension is out. They must also have the ability to work with and train Supervisors and leads in processing of Injection Molding machines to include, Husky, Cincinnati, Mitsubishi, Toshiba 400 ton to 1000 ton single nd multi cavity molds. This is a hands on position working on the floor with salary and hourly personnel production and maintenance. If this individual cannot come in and start-up and process machines without any assistance, we are not interested as we do not want to have to train anyone but need someone ready to hit the ground running. We process HDPE 4-6 met resin and some Polypropylene 18-25 melt but primarily HDPE. Daily process audits and Cycle time improvement required along with working in concert with production to reduce scrap and increase regrind usage wherever possible. Weekly conference call with Process Engineer manager on cycle count improvements and action taken to get back to standard cycle time is required on a weekly basis.
  • Provide ongoing technical support to plant operations to insure safety, productivity, quality, and delivery performance for the plant.
  • Continuously monitor cycle times, improve cycle times, and update process sheets.
  • Continuously monitor process parameters to ensure that the standard process protocol established by E&TS is being followed by all machine attendants.
  • Train machine attendants as necessary on all aspects of injection and blow molding.
  • Provide AutoCAD drawings to maintenance as needed, and periodically update the plant drawing as necessary for individual departments as well as for the EAP, SPCC, and plant improvements.
  • Provide weekly reports (Tracker Cycle Times, Pail Weights, Sterling Settings, etc.).
  • Perform sampling of new molds, new materials, and new molding protocols in both injection and blow mold departments.
  • Provide sales with technical support for new products and any other areas as needed.
  • Product and process improvement of existing operations.
  • Establish guidelines for preventative maintenance of molds and machines working in conjunction with E&TS and machine suppliers.
  • Assisting plant production and quality assurance in maintaining processes and maximizing machine performance, safety, and quality.
  • Assist E&TS with the investigation and implementation of advances in tooling, molds, and equipment.
  • Evaluate and implement material advances in conjunction with E&TS.
  • Assist in new product specifications and product refinements; implementation of new product specifications and supplier specification changes.
  • Assist in component evaluation for new products and new product testing.
  • Resource for mold and equipment repairs.
  • Establish new process refinements/process controls.
  • Coordinate all Pro-T-Con activity.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for molding machines and related equipment.
  • Provide support with new mold and equipment installations.
  • Develop packaging optimizations.
  • Desired candidate profile: Person needs to be self-motivated and requires minimal supervision. Ability to work with all levels of personnel both hourly and salary. Disciplined in completion of daily tasks and reports as required on a daily / weekly basis. Provide feedback to manager and process manager on issues as well as solutions to processing issues within the plant. Work on cost reduction projects and contribute input to Quality on customer complaints related to defects due to process problems etc.
  • Results Orientated - including the ability to communicate this necessity to others. The ability to react to difficult situations and deal with matters in a professional manner.
  • Ability to react to situations in a timely manner and be flexible with people and operational assets. Organizational skills: especially including customer contacts and dealings with plant managers and sales people.
  • Problem solving skills in managing the day to day operational crises that arise, as well as coming up with innovative solutions to process problems. Overcoming obstacles.
  • Persistence - including the difficult job of managing multiple projects and assisting individuals with different agendas and diverse skills and personalities. The resolve to finish.
  • Coaching and teaching skills
  • Ability to get people organized in a manner that allows each of them to contribute to the success of the group.
  • Ability to get through the other people skill deficiency and the ability to listen as well as speak.
  • Ability to anticipate operational problems and act on those intuitions and to make corrections before problems arise.
  • Expertise in process improvement principles
  • Possess a value-added attitude
  • Be a Team Player
  • Attention to Detail
  • Possess the highest degree of Integrity
  • Tolerance for Stress
  • Service oriented
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