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Injection Molding
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Process Engineer

Responsible for monitoring and correction of the preform process in the injection molding department. Has a working knowledge of all injection molding lines and the process capabilities needed. Ensure adherence to all company policies. Attends all required training sessions.


- Monitors all process changes in the injection molding department.

- Performs root cause analysis on any process changes implemented.

- Maintain and monitor machine cycle time based on process capabilities.

- Monitors heldware and scrap then develops corrective actions to ensure that plant targets are achieved.

- Monitors QAUTO and SPC data daily and reacts accordingly.

- Works closely with R & D Center on any new project qualifications for the injection molding department.

- Works closely with CQA on any new upcoming products for the injection molding department.

- Responsible for new preform / mold qualifications.

- Responsible for reductions in energy consumption.

- Monitors mold cavitation and implements corrective actions when needed.

- Monitors regrind consumptions, virgin materials, and overall blends to ensure consistency and reports on how it impacts the process capabilities.

- Monitors Mean Time Between Failure and develops corrective actions to prevent / reduce equipment downtime.

- Develops and maintains a good working relationship with both internal and external customers.

- Develops and performs training courses for the workforce.

- Responsible for maintaining a high level of motivation.

- Responsible for maintaining ISO standards in the conversion department.

- Maintains an open line of communication with all members of the workforce.

- Responsible for standardizing the processing role across company

- Responsible for reporting food safety issues to personnel with authority to initiate action

- Initiate action for food safety issues

- All other duties as assigned


- Team oriented.

- Must be able to manage processes for SPC, Quality, and Lean Manufacturing.

- Self - Motivation and flexibility of job assignments.

- Blend of technical, interpersonal skills, and continuous learning through training.

- Associates degree in Plastics Technology, Electrical, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical or a similar technical area preferred or previous experience accepted.

- Must possess strong leadership skills.

- Strong interpersonal and written communication skills.

- Intermediate level of computer skills.

- Must be able to build a strong working relationship with all levels of the workforce as well as the customers.

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