Job Title
Process Engineer

Montgomery AL

Min Salary

Min Years Experience

  • Personnel Safety is the primary goal, all quality and process improvements initiatives shall be evaluated before implementation to avoid safety risks to employees.
  • If any safety risk is identify in the process assigned, engineer shall put as priority over any other project or activity the safety condition solution.
  • Engineer is accountable for making sure that any new product or process introduction is meeting specifications and requirements, also is responsible for revising and updating any quality management system documentation as procedures, work instructions, control plans, visual aids or forms as be required.
  • Directs or participates in chronic problem solving projects: Plans project. Develops and analyzes cause and effect diagrams. Collects and analyzes data to prioritize causes. Designs and conducts special experiments to verify causes. Participates in development of alternative solutions. Coordinated implementation to the approved solution.
  • Accountable to monitor the KPIs for the process assigned, defining and maintaining the actions plans to achieve the established goals.
  • Provides training on the quality management system documentation, product quality tests and product measurements to personnel.
  • Accountable to maintain the Critical to Quality Certification Process for the assigned processes.
  • Determine the most efficient workstation layout, machines, tools and operations required to develop optimum line balance for sequential operations. Devises and develops the use of substitute equipment, tools and operations to overcome production schedule or technical problems.
  • Participate in productivity and quality improvements by investigation, analyzing and estimating cost reduction in proposed major changes involving department layouts, methods and operation sequence, machine utilization, tools, jigs and fixtures.
  • Investigate new process technologies that can improve product quality or process performance metrics. Determines adaptability to Company facilities and product designs. Works with the project engineering team to validate feasibility and determine next steps for equipment selection, installation and implementation.
  • Investigate and provide solutions for process issues to reduce defects, scrap or re-work to improve the quality of the product and productivity of the plant.

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