Process Engineer

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Process Engineer

Montgomery AL

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The Process Engineer II will be responsible for providing technical support for process planning, control and improvements. The position involves the different phases of Manufacturing engineering projects from concept through on-going production and will be participates in specific activities as design and evaluation of processes, tooling, product costing, and preparation of specifications for bids and proposals. The individual must assist in maintaining technological control over all processes.
  • This position performs engineering and technical procedures providing economical manufacturing methods to accomplish optimum utilization of machines, tooling, equipment, facilities, quality and timely production.
  • Determine the most efficient workstation layout, machines, tools and operations required to develop optimum line balance for sequential operations. Devises and develops the use of substitute equipment, tools and operations to overcome production schedule or technical problems.
  • Plan and design complex production dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges and cutting tools. Develop improvements of special hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Participate in productivity and quality improvements by investigation, analyzing and estimating cost reduction in proposed major changes involving department layouts, methods and operation sequence, machine utilization, tools, jigs, fixtures and the introduction of automation.
  • Investigate availability of special machines, restrictions of work place layout and available facilities prior to estimation material, labor and machine costs.
  • Investigate new process technologies. Determines adaptability to Company's facilities and product designs. Prepares specifications, appropriations, and initiates purchases of capital equipment and oversees their installation and implementation.
  • Determine ways to reduce work-in-process, finished good inventories, raw materials or non-value added activities to aid in controlling operating cost of the facility.

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