Process Control Supervisor


To manage and operate the production shifts and central control room so that all disciplines operate as one cohesive unit. Oversee equipment optimization, utilization and reliability in a safe manner while maintaining environmental compliance, quality, and budgeted costs. Supervise the daily activities of assigned bargaining unit personnel.

Nature and Scope:

  • Effectively supervise, direct, and coach hourly employees in the field.
  • Must strive to become a role model for the Production group.
  • The short and mid-term scheduling, supervision of the plant production, maintaining quality, environmental, and safety are the prime tasks.
  • The incumbent is responsible to monitor the performance relative to the budget monthly.
  • Maintain a sound working relationship with the hourly employees and the union executive within the confines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • This person is responsible for maintaining a positive morale of all employees on his team.
  • The incumbent must be knowledgeable in all facets of operation in the cement plant and should be able to replace any of the employees in the production department, if and when required.
  • This person must keep abreast of new technology and be receptive to new ideas as well as running test trials when required.
  • Ensures that hourly personnel are coached and developed through training and communication.
  • The incumbent must hold regular communication meetings with peers and subordinates to ensure the information is getting to the lower levels.
  • The incumbent assesses the performance of staff and hourly employees through regular discussions, objectives, mid-year, and year- end performance reviews.
  • The Process Control Supervisor must ensure that all subordinates are working and promoting safety at all times through daily, weekly, and monthly safety meetings, on the job coaching, and by taking a leadership role in the plant safety program.
  • Ensure that the plant is operating in compliance with all operating permits and other regulatory requirements.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Production of clinker and cement quantities as per budget.
  • Optimization of equipment utilization in cooperation with the process and maintenance department.
  • Working with the Production Coordinator to oversee the development of equipment checklists, production training and standard operating procedures for both hourly and staff.
  • Adhere to product quality standards and environmental compliance.
  • Maintain and improve good labor relations.
  • Promote and implement safe working practices and conditions. Ensure that monthly safety meetings are held, and plant rules are followed.
  • Act as the Plant Emergency Response Coordinator as well as contact person for emergency response personnel and/or regulatory agency representatives.
  • Assist in the administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the handling of grievances, and the application of discipline.
  • Assist in the development of capital expenditures within the department.
  • Assist in the development of the annual operating budget.
  • Maintains a working relationship with other departments so that all aspects of the operation pertaining to the Production Department are dovetailed in a logical and smooth fashion.
  • Must be able to operate PC’s, operation, and process computers.
  • Must know capacity and production rates of all major pieces of equipment.
  • Responsible for ensuring callouts are conducted in a manner consistent with the Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement.
  • Must keep a running log of the shift’s activities. This is to include equipment down time and reasons, quality information, and a general report of the shift’s operation.
  • Must actively participate as a member of the Continuous Improvement Team.
  • Responsible for sharing his or her cement experiences with the rest of the Production group, while remaining open-minded to selecting and utilizing the experiences of others.


  • Minimum of High School Diploma required, College Degree desired
  • Minimum 2 years operating experience in cement industry or comparable industry in capacity of supervisory or above.
Must pass assessment testing in the areas of applied mathematics, applied technology, and locating information
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