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  • Develop, design, maintains, and improves Level II, supervisory computer systems.
  • Develop & implement specific equipment solutions or control systems under given framework for a local area and/or for specific equipment type.
  • Monitor/troubleshoot and determine the stability within a controlling system and develop action plans as a Team Leader to resolve any issues.
  • Assist others to lead any reliability or improvement initiatives and lead the design, implementation, and commissioning of any system.
  • Take a task lead role or commissioning lead role to perform physical & software tasks on any computer automation system as part of a larger project.
  • Perform the technical project or commissioning role for any computer/software project, whether it be a capital or an expensed project, with the understanding of scope, quality, and budget.
  • Resolve and/or update any software (operating system or applications) or hardware (computers or storage arrays) for any automation computers within Business Unit with no supervision.
  • Collaborate with Process Automation, IT, and Electrical Engineering contacts to develop, troubleshoot and implement changes to maintain process lines automation.
  • Troubleshoot Level II computer systems and line-associated failures.
  • IT in a process manufacturing environment, including automation, networking, and systems integration.
  • Installation, maintenance, and troubleshoot software systems, hardware servers, devices, and network switches.
  • Maintain and improve level II computer systems.
  • Production support for software development in various, high-level, programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, VB.NET and Fortran
  • Support SQL development in various environments
  • Conduct Data/Failure analysis, systems commissioning, and model development/support
  • Collaborates with the Process Technology, Operating, Maintenance, Environmental, Quality and Safety Personnel to supply reports, data and other information required in the execution of process technology responsibilities.

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