San Antonio, TX

Our client is looking to hire a leader to provide overall strategic direction for the growth of the Private Bank and the development of the individual Private Bankers in all Market Service Areas, the Private Bank Line of Business, department management, product competitiveness, client satisfaction, pricing, profit & loss, budget, bank wide scorecard, regulatory & compliance concerns, and internal and external audits/examinations.


  • Leads the Bank’s continued growth. Seeks out active membership in the right, high profile, organizations and pursues public relations opportunities to create awareness and Brand recognition.

  • Promotes accountability with each Banker to ensure appropriate scorecard goals and objectives are set to accomplish the annual budget and strategic goals.

  • A solid understanding of the analysis and decisions related to more complex or larger Private Bank credit relationships.

  • Responsible for an environment focused on efficiency and continuous process improvement within the Private Banking community of Bankers.

  • Creates and leads a business development culture for all Private Banking.

  • Coaches and mentors’ direct reports and teams to ensure continued development and opportunities for growth and achievement.

  • Leads and supports an environment of excellence in service for all internal and external client relationships. Maintain a straight talk philosophy throughout the organization.

  • Conducts regular staff and employee meetings and leads the Private Bank team leaders.

  • Reviews and approves personnel recommendations regarding employment, performance ratings, salary changes, promotions, transfers, and terminations.

  • Promotes an environment of teamwork and partnership across all lines of business and throughout the Bank.

  • Follows local, state, and federal legislation and regulatory issues and changes relating to banking.

  • Fosters an environment with appropriate focus on risk and risk management activities.

  • Collaborates with Marketing Communications on activities, events, products, pricing, and promotions in conjunction with other Line of Business leaders to promote an innovative and modern image of the bank throughout the communities in which we serve.

  • Leverages the appropriated donations and contributions for applicable community charities and organizations to reinforce the culture of community involvement, including CRA events and opportunities to meet the Bank’s CRA goals.

  • Responsible for adherence to the annual budget, including coordinating with other Department and Division Managers.

  • Actively participates in Senior Officer’s Loan and Director’s Loan Committee, Executive Staff, ALLL, ALCO and other committee or task force assignments as they develop.

  • Ensures soundness of bank's assets through oversight of the day-to-day activities and accountabilities.