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Press Technician

We are hiring a candidate to set up, operate and process a printing press and to train helpers and press operator trainees.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Workers in this position are responsible for quality, production goals and their press helper. This does not include the discipline or performance evaluation of the helper.
  2. Set up and operate press which includes analysis of printed sample to sample provided to ensure job being produced is correct.
  3. Assist press helper in loading rolls of raw material and unloading rolls of finished materials. Oversee other duties of helper, including housekeeping and any training.
  4. Work together with Supervisor/Manager to reduce product waste.
  5. Responsible for on-going training of operator trainees.

Other Duties:

  1. Reading and getting information from the docket
  2. Completing a press check list
  3. Scanning UPC’s
  4. Anilox selection
  5. Completing Production roll tickets
  6. Colour ladders
  7. Completing breakdown of production sheets
  8. Completing return to stock tickets
  9. Completing a plate cleaning form
  10. Providing QA with samples
  11. Reading, getting and making colour cards (when and how)

Knowledge and Skill:

  1. Mechanical aptitude / math skills
  2. Understanding of colour charts – ability to check samples
  3. Understanding colour laydown and overprint
  4. Analytical ability
  5. Training skills / communication skills to train helpers and operator trainees
  6. Operation of a printing press

Communication Skills:

  • Ability to give and take directions to helpers/trainees and from supervisors/managers.
  • Read and understand docket information
  • Writing

Reporting Relationships:

This position reports directly to the Press Supervisor.

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