Vice President of Recruiting or Practice Leader

We are looking for experienced recruiting professionals to join our firm. We believe that we offer some of the best programs for experienced professionals in the industry. ZSG is in growth mode and we are seeking people that desire to be part of a high-performance culture that rewards excellence.

At ZSG, we have seven levels where people can join our firm: Sales Development Representative (SDR), Project Coordinator (PC), Recruiter, Senior Recruiter, Account Executive (AE), Practice Leader (PL), and Division Manager (DM). We are specifically targeting experienced Recruiters that can join us at the AE level or higher. Although we are interested in growing our other positions, we have a different program for those roles. At the PL level, we are specifically targeting people that have a book of business and are looking to grow a team, or greatly increase their production. We call this our “business within a business” model.

What is the ZSG “business within a business” model? This means if you are a capable producer and get promoted to AE/PL, we will hire for you people dedicated to doing initial marketing for you, and others to assist with recruiting, with no financial cost to the PL, and lots of upside. Our PLs are successful AEs that want to grow a team of recruiting professionals to help grow their business. ZSG has a dedicated individual devoted to hiring for our firm. This means your efforts remain on a daily basis to growing your book of business and we , as your “back office”, will provide the majority of effort in growing your team. As part of the “back office” approach we provide three levels of recruiter training for all new hires. Your involvement will be in mentoring and business fulfillment, not direct hands on training or “back office” activities.

With our new hiring programs, we expect that having someone dedicated to doing initial marketing for you could grow your business by 25%-30% alone. You will be rewarded with a base and commissions (potentially one of the strongest programs in the industry), and a fair share of the profits of your team. Additionally, our benefits include, health and retirement, as well as unlimited time off. Last year ZSG grew 70% in revenue and our staff increased by 30%. Right now we are 20% ahead of last year without adding anyone. We anticipate growing our staff at a minimum of 30% again and maybe by as much as 70% in 2022. Last year our average VP earned $240k, and we expect that number to greatly increase in 2022. Our average tenure is about 8 years.

Other resources that we offer: An excellent ATS/CRM (PCR), LinkedIn Recruiter, Zoominfo, several different job board services, a revised website with posting capabilities through Indeed, a dedicated marketing person and hiring person. Three different training programs based upon an individual’s role at ZSG, and a lot more. Our culture is one of excellence and no bureaucracy.

If you think you are ready to grow your business and/or your team, we would like to speak with you and explain our programs. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and we will keep our conversations in strictest confidence. To learn more, please contact Max Zambito at, 614-859-1347 or John Zambito at, 614-458-1150. Our website is We look forward to speaking with you.

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