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  • Provide electrical engineering expertise to ensure equipment reliability and system improvement support for plant as pertaining to both high and medium voltage applications.
  • Monitor all Plant high voltage power operation, including system line-up, production center requirement, and interface as necessary with all areas of the plant.
  • Develop and provide clear, concise switching orders for all system changes as well as provide direction for establishing electrical safe work zones for persons working near electrical hazards.
  • Provide 24/7 failure response in the event of a system issue for immediate response with help from inhouse and contract resources to return system to full productivity in an expedient manner.
  • Provide detailed analysis on all high voltage related incidents.
  • Lead capital budget initiatives for the high voltage power system, prepare funding requests, provide expenditure projections, implement actions, and track execution.
  • Develop and implement multi-year maintenance plans.
  • Lead the design, rebuild, install and commission both new and revised equipment including, but not limited to high current rectifier systems, transformers, high voltage switchgear, high voltage transmission line, and metering for the smelting aluminum plant (voltages include 161kV, 34.5kV, 13.8kV and 480V)
  • Safety protocol SPA for the Maintenance Department on electrical safety, high and medium voltage.
  • Responsible for electrical safety protocol across the site.

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