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Plate Technical Manager

  • Manage plate process and product through maintenance/improvement efforts to optimize performance, maximize material recovery, eliminate process waste and improve conversion costs through metallurgical solutions, training and process control.
  • Maintain all metallurgical, technical and quality requirements of the customer specifications for military and commercial plate products.
  • Improve Customer Quality Satisfaction
  • Technical leader - Direct supervisor of area process engineer(s)/metallurgist(s).
  • Manage customer claims & Reduce quality losses
  • Accountable for project tracking and report out for quality KPI
  • Maintain and improve plate processing practices to improve product capability & performance, process effeciency and material recovery.
  • Directly supervise area process engineer(s) and/or metallurgist(s).
  • Train & guide area process engineer(s) and/or metallurgist(s), in implementing area process improvements to support customer needs for process control.
  • Provide Technical expertise & support to daily activities of plate department
  • Manage all appropriate technical practices, customer & special process specifications and formal reports.
  • Manage investigation, data analysis and implementation of solutions to complex problems involving multiple production centers and technical aspects
  • Envision opportunities for process improvement and act on those ideas through equipment modification, process improvement, material changes, etc. Effectively use data & metallurgical knowledge to understand the existing process capability and the opportunity for improvement.
  • Utilize data-driven, structured approach to root cause analysis and problem-solving to achieve desired results
  • Interact and lead across multiple areas and levels of the organization.
  • Manage specialized processes to maintain compliance to NADCAP & other Ravenswood Quality Systems by working closely with the Central Quality group
  • Manage qualification of process performed through newly installed/upgraded equipment
  • Lead and maintain the Process FMEA

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Full-Time Regular
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