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Plant Manager

Purpose of Position:

Reporting to the VP of Operations, the Plant Manager is responsible for managing and directing the Molding and Packing Operations, Warehouse and Shipping areas, which involves providing direct leadership to the production leadership team, maintenance and quality resources.

Key Role Accountabilities

# 1:

Maintain a high level of plant and machine safety:

Ø Ensure all team members are trained and performing in a safe and efficient manner.

Ø Ensure accident/incident investigations are carried out and documented to determine root causes, corrective actions and following-up to ensure completion.

Ø Promote proactive identification and elimination of hazards.

Ø Correct unsafe acts or conditions, ensuring health, safety and environmental policies are followed.

Ø Perform daily-unplanned inspections and ensure that inspection is documented and deficiencies addressed in a timely manner.

Ø Ensure that the Joint Health & Safety Committee meet on a regular basis, perform audits and are part of the corrective action process.

# 2:

Manage the Molding, Packing, Maintenance and Quality Resources.

Ø Ensure that all team members are treated in an equal and fair manner, abiding by the company Standards of Conduct.

Ø Be responsible for the supervision of direct reporting Team Members.

o Maintain Job Descriptions.

o Set objectives and expectations.

o Establish personal development and training plans.

o Manage vacation schedules.

o Administer Performance Appraisal process.

o Administer salary and compensation.

o Identify vacancies and work with HR to recruit and hire as required.

o Performance Manage as required.

o Ensure they are doing all the above for their people.

Ø Ensure Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are established, documented and personnel are trained.

Ø Provide timely feedback to Team Members on questions and/or concerns.

Ø Ensure cross-training and back-up support is adequate.

Ø Co-ordinate management of the WSIB, STD and Modified Duties personnel in the Dept including submitting appropriate documentation as required.

# 3:

Establish and ensure the achievement of performance targets

Ø Participate in establishing Molding and Packing Operational objectives and establish the department objectives that align with strategic objectives.

Ø Establish annual departmental budgets, performance targets and cost savings targets.

Ø Meet the targets for labour, quality, delivery, cost and establish corrective actions when performance is off target.

Ø Ensure timely response to customer quality concerns and develop and implement corrective action plans.

# 4:

Report and communicate

Ø Lead daily Production Meetings.

Ø Report on daily performance metrics and participate in daily Operation Meetings.

Ø Provide status update on weekly performance and flash report review.

Ø Report on Key Operating Indicators (KOI’s) at monthly operations management review meeting.

Ø Communicate performance and other information through posting of charts, bulletins, memos, etc. as required.

Ø Ensure routine communication sessions take place with the shop floor

Ø Ensure preventative and predictive maintenance plans are established and communicated to production scheduling.

Ø Make presentations at monthly communications sessions as required.

Ø Make presentations to senior management or customers as required.

# 5:

Manage the Molding Continuous Improvement programme

Ø Establish the CI programme to deliver the dept objectives.

Ø Ensure the CI programme is delivered on time and on budget in accordance with the established plan.

Ø Identify capital requirements and submit requests as required.

Ø Sponsor, lead, facilitate or participate in specific CI projects.

Ø Promote a Continuous Improvement culture.

Ø Implement and manage an effective housekeeping programs (5S, etc)

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Direct reports include:

Ø Shift Supervisors

Ø Process Manager

Ø Warehouse Supervisor

Ø Maintenance staff

Ø Quality staff

Indirectly responsible for 24/7 High speed packaging, Packing and Warehousing Operation of approximately 500 people.

Fiscal Responsibilities:

Ø Manage the total budget including labour and expense spending as well as scrap.

Ø Manage the packaging, Packing and warehouse capital budget.



# 1:

Strategic Alignment

Able to analyze and comprehend organizational goals and strategies developed by others; prioritizes work in alignment with business goals; develops long term objectives, strategies and goals; assesses and links short term day to day tasks in the context of long term strategies; ensures continuing plans exist for problems or situations that might occur.

# 2:

Customer Focus

Committed to meeting the needs and expectations of internal and external customers; seeks to understand customer by soliciting and being open to direct input on a regular basis; uses input to make improvements to products and/or services; cultivates long term, effective relationships with customers by meeting expectations and ultimately gaining their trust and respect; willingly explores ways to improve customer satisfaction; champions a customer focus culture.

# 3:

Results Orientation

Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency and initiative; assumes responsibility without being asked; pushes self and others to achieve results; consistently achieves and often exceeds goals; demonstrates a high level of drive and energy; perseveres when faced with obstacles; balances need for results with patience for others/processes; takes responsibility for work, actions and results; rises to challenges; will take a stand on issues/ideas; seeks to find solutions to resolve issues rather than placing blame or shirking personal responsibility; takes calculated entrepreneurial risks.

# 4:

Impact & Influence

Demonstrates effective negotiation and/or influencing skills when dealing with others; is direct and assertive when required; builds trust and credibility, usually achieves goal/outcome while maintaining good relationship; solicits input of others and works to build consensus based on the needs of the Company; able to convince or persuade other groups (or individuals) to a desired outcome through building persuasive arguments based on logic and fact, coupled with the ability to anticipate and respond to the needs and concerns of others; attempts to get things done and resolve issues in a win-win fashion; is able to determine when to take charge and when to gain consensus.

# 5:

Problem Solving/Decision Making

Anticipates and handles challenging situations effectively; analyzes problems from several different angles evaluating several alternatives first before determining best solutions; seeks input and involves others when possible; consistently uses good judgment and makes good decisions based on sound criteria; can make quick, sound decisions under deadlines/pressure without having all of the facts, consulted by others to be a sounding board or for advice; at higher levels, the parameters on which to base decisions become increasingly complex.

# 6:

Team Leadership

Manages group interactions well; uses authority fairly; champions the group and its reputation; promotes the value and the impact of the group; uses strategies to promote team morale; models desired behaviour to reflect company values; promotes team/group morale by sharing information with other departments to help make decisions collaboratively and sharing resources to solve business problems.

# 7:

Business Acumen

Demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge and skills to perform current position successfully; keeps abreast of information and trends specific to functional area/expertise and enhances functional knowledge/skills on an ongoing basis; is knowledgeable about product, processes and customers; is aware of competitive trends and external information that impacts the business.

# 8:

Coaching/People Development

Solicits and listens to employees’ input; involves employees in generating work solutions; probes to establish employees’ concerns and/or needs; provides regular coaching and on the job training; recruits and hires strong team members; builds strong teams; creates and implements effective development plans; regularly communicates organizational strategy/vision and how the department supports overall achievement of results; displays a positive outlook; focuses team on critical initiatives and activities; rises to challenges; will make tough decisions; demonstrates flexible leadership style based on situation; anticipates resistance and creates plans to resolve; communicates process on change initiatives; creates motivating environment; demonstrates trust/confidence in individuals; shares/celebrates successes; treats employees fairly; identifies talent and provides in depth mentoring and coaching; creates a learning environment.


# 1:

High school diploma supported with various specific manufacturing courses University degree, preferably in Engineering or Business or equivalent.

# 2:

Minimum 10 years of progressive leadership in a fast paced, high volume Lean Manufacturing environment with 5-7 years in a senior leadership role. Minimum 5 years experience in injection molding preferably in a thin wall, high speed and/or high cavitation molding environment.

# 3:

Proven track record in leading change.

# 3:

Proven ability to deliver results.

# 4:

Ability to effectively coach, manage and support Team Members.

# 5:

Ability to manage significant workload including conflicting priorities.

Skills & Knowledge

# 1:

Strong knowledge and experience in operations, maintenance, warehouse management and quality.

# 2:

Outstanding interpersonal and people management skills.

# 3:

Excellent presentation skills and able to communicate with all levels of the organization.

# 4:

Strategic thinker with the ability to develop and implement solutions at a tactical level.

# 5:

Effective planning and organizational skills.

# 6:

Thorough knowledge of Lean Manufacturing tools and applications

# 7:

Knowledge of ISO requirements

# 8:

Project management skills.

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