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Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree.
  • Education: Graduate from an accredited cardiovascular perfusion education program approved by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP).
  • Certification: Certified by the ABCP.
  • Experience: Three (3) years' experience within the preceding four (4) years which maintains skills and knowledge as a perfusionist.

Core Duties:

  • Prepare and assemble the heart-lung machine, intra-aortic balloon pumps and other related extracorporeal apparatus with the appropriate modifications and adaptations thereof so as to be compatible with each patient, pathology and type of case.
  • Maintain and operate the extracorporeal circulation apparatus (heart-lung machine), provide oxygenated blood, anesthetics, blood chemical and base equilibrium, (specifically normal heart and lung functioning) to the patient during heart surgery.
  • Follow the rigid surgical aseptic techniques required to institute and maintain total body perfusion of the patient during open-heart surgery using extra-corporeal circulation.
  • Ensure that all systems function perfectly and in coordination with each other, as well as with the physiological status of the patient and the successive phases of the surgical procedure.
  • Prepare and assemble the extra-corporeal apparatus with appropriate modifications and adaptations compatible with the size of the patient, cardiac pathology, physiological status of the patient's cardiovascular system, degree of illness of the patient and the surgical technical problems that may be encountered.
  • Control the technical operation and coordinate the maneuvers by which extra-corporeal circulation is instituted, sustained, and discontinued so that the heart and lungs resume normal function.
  • Induce hypothermia when prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Operate the cardioplegia delivery system for infusion of cardioplegia to the coronaries for myocardial preservation.
  • Initiate, operate, and monitor the membrane respiratory or cardiac assist device for critically ill patients.
  • Operate intra-aortic balloon assist devices when necessary.
  • Adjust balloon inflation and deflation.
  • Detect arrhythmias and insure the balloon's proper functioning.
  • Maintain constant surveillance of overall performance of extra-corporeal apparatus in relation to the physical and chemical changes produced in the blood by obtaining samples during various phases of perfusion for the purpose of making the following determinations: pH, PC02 P02, acid base equilibrium, potassium and sodium content, and by interpretation of electrocardiographic and electroencephalographic recordings during perfusion.
  • Initiate and operate (as directed by the cardiothoracic surgeon) haemonetics cell saver machine, facilitating the salvaging and washing of blood cells, and returning these viable blood products to the patient.
  • Ascertain the proper sterilization of all supplies, components of the heart-lung machine and all equipment used for extra-corporeal circulation.
  • Provide post-operative perfusion services as required for ventricular assist patients.
  • Participate with cardiothoracic surgeons and other disciplines in clinical investigation and research conducted in connection with open-heart surgery by suggesting modifications and/or improvements based on technical knowledge of equipment.
  • Provide standby services for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) procedures.

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