Job Title
Payer Relations Contract Manager

Date Posted

  • Develop strong relationships with payers and payer related groups in an effort to secure contracts for all testing
  • Develop and maintain periodic, e.g., bi-weekly, reports on the status of all contracts & contract negotiations
  • Manage continuing payer enrollment, contracts, and credentialing
  • Maintain processes that provide timely notification of critical contract events (e.g., contract execution, renewals, termination, credentialing, and due dates)
  • Follow up and manage action items after discussions with internal and external clients
  • As needed, manage coverage and reimbursement activities required for proprietary and new technologies.
  • Participate in conferences, discussions and in-person presentations as needed
  • Work with relevant teams on general payer related issues, questions, documents, and collateral
  • Collaborate with Sales on managing questions from clients on payer policies, networks status, and patient costs
  • Work closely with RCM on analyzing payer trends, reimbursement, and other payer reports
  • Review reimbursement rates for in-network and out-of-network claims
  • Work with RCM on payer inquiries and audits

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