Paper Machine Superintendent

The Paper Machine Superintendent is responsible for managing the overall operation of the Paper Machine and auxiliary processes including stock preparation, coating preparation, rereeler and finishing. The successful candidate will be responsible for results of the Paper Machine Business Unit in the areas of safety, quality, customer field performance, efficiency, operating cost and clean production.

The Paper Machine Superintendent will work under the direction of the Operations Manager. This is a full-time salaried position. The hours of the position will be Monday through Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate safety as a core value and establish a safe work environment by actively leading the safe execution of work
  • Lead personnel and resources in achieving all tactical, strategic, long and short term objectives which support mill/division objectives.
  • Lead a clean and efficient manufacturing operation with a focus on safe work practices
  • Supervision of salaried and hourly personnel in the areas of responsibility.
  • Develop a high-performance team with individual performance goals
  • Identify and introduce appropriate technology to the area through the capital and expense system
  • Coordinate and set expectations for suppliers, mill resources and support organizations including, but not limited to finishing, maintenance, process control and technical services
  • Execute special projects and implement new work processes for continuous improvement in safety, clean production, customer satisfaction, machine efficiency and profitability
  • Develop and administer goals, financial planning, and cost reduction activities for the Paper Machine and auxiliary process areas described above

Attributes for Success:

  • Hard work – tackle each task with determination, passion and creativity; the willingness to put in whatever effort is required to successfully complete the job at hand
  • Pursuit of Excellence – strive to consistently exceed expectations in our day-to-day work and outperform our competitors in the marketplace, regarding work and company achievements as a collaborative goal with the desire to go above and beyond
  • Integrity - treat the company and teammates with upmost respect, operating on strong moral codes to drive company values and culture
  • Sense of Urgency – drive forward each day with speed, agility, and flexibility to capture unrealized opportunities and avoid potential risks for the business
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – act like an owner, challenging the status quo, asking the right questions, and actively seeking ways to innovate and improve
  • Adaptability – be fluid with Company Paper’s continuous evolution while driving change in a fast-paced environment, equipped with the ability to acclimate quickly.
  • Servant Leadership – set an example by implementing meaningful leadership with heart, empathy, foresight and stewardship.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, pulp and paper science or related field OR the equivalent training and/or experience
  • Possess working knowledge of every aspect of papermaking, including stock preparation, coating, finishing and the paper machine operations
  • Ability to make high risk decisions under pressure for situations, such as production stoppages or work affecting safety of personnel or equipment
  • Ability to motivate and direct employees to meet stated objectives
  • Candidate must possess strong organizational, interpersonal, communication, problem solving and decision-making skills as well as initiative and the ability to delegate decision-making and other responsibilities
  • Ability to handle multiple time sensitive projects
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