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This position provides operations leadership to the blow and/or injection mold manufacturing. This position is essential to ensure the production of quality products on a timely basis for our customers. The supervisor is responsible for all aspects of manufacturing on their shift and provides technical and supervisory support to production hourly employees. The production supervisor is responsible to ensure that scheduling, safety, maintenance, quality and other areas are maintained for the efficient operations of the facility during their shift (15 to 25 employees). In addition, the production supervisor determines the employment status, i.e., recruiting, selecting, hiring, and terminating of the workforce on their shift. Position reports to plant manager. Works continuous production schedule so working every-other weekend is required.


The supervisor is responsible for all plant manufacturing on their shift. This position leads or interacts with other shift supervisors, operators, engineers, management, maintenance, and customers. This position must know Injection Mold tooling, efficient manufacturing techniques, production scheduling, safety and housekeeping, and maintenance requirements.


Provides supervisory and technical leadership to the shift. Provides focused attention to the quality of the products and processes of the plant’s injection molded businesses, and ensures the safe, efficient and timely operations of manufacturing. Some of the challenges of this position are the implementation of standardized processes and disciplines as well as the coordination of the workforce with production and scheduling demands.


· Provide ongoing support to plant injection molding operations to insure quality and delivery performance for the plant.

· Refine existing product lines and processes.

· Assist in new product specifications and product refinements.

· Assist in new product testing.

· Resource for mold and equipment repairs.

· Be a part of the safety program.

· Provide creative leadership in improving operating efficiencies.

· Provide counseling, leadership and direction to the production employees

· Interview and select new production employees.

· Provide direction daily on production efficiencies, schedules, unscheduled down times, spoilage, safety, and the efficient utilization of manpower.


This position requires a minimum 5 years experience in a related position in the injection/ molding industry, with a preferred background in packaging manufacturing. BS degree in Manufacturing Technology or Associates degree in a similar discipline. (or equivalent industry experience) preferred. The position requires progressive knowledge of the injection/blow molding process, molding equipment and mold tooling.


· Results Orientation - including the ability to communicate this necessity to others. The ability to react to difficult situations and deal with problems in a professional manner.

· Ability to react to issues in a timely manner and be flexible with people and operational assets.

· Organizational skills: especially including customer contacts and dealings with plant managers and sales people.

· Problem solving skills in managing the day to day operational crises that arise, as well as coming up with innovative solutions to process problems.

· Coaching and teaching skills.

· Ability to get people organized in a manner that allows each of them to contribute to the success of the group.

· Ability to listen as well as communicate effectively.

· Expertise in process improvement principles.

· Possess a value-added attitude.

· Team Player.

· Attention to Detail.

· Tolerance for Stress.

· Service oriented.

· Integrity.

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