Optimization Manager


The Optimization Manager is a member of the plant leadership team. This team is responsible for driving improvements in plant safety, environmental performance and quality and operational excellence. One focus of the Optimization Manager is to meet or exceed production and cost goals within the defined standards of safety, environmental performance, and quality. The Optimization Manager will focus on cost savings goals through raw material, fuel, and other various trials. The manager will also be responsible for the overall quality of the Company products and will be the natural link between technical sales & marketing and the plant. The Optimization Manager is responsible for the daily technical operational review of the plant which includes determining actions based off poor equipment performance. The manager will also have the responsibility of the plant's business (network) and process systems (HMI I PLC) and is responsible for the development of entry level process and quality engineers.

Organization Structure:

The Optimization Manager reports to the Plant Manager as do the Production Manager, Mine Manager, Maintenance Manager and Purchasing Coordinator. The Process Engineers, Automation Coordinator, and Quality Coordinator report to the Optimization Manager.

Nature and Scope:

  • The Optimization Manager is a member of the plant safety leadership and is expected to uphold and grow the safety culture in the plant by working with plant employees and leadership towards overall improvement in safety. This includes involvement in the plant joint health and safety team structure.
  • Develop, train and review performance periodically of direct reports
  • The Optimization Manager is responsible for driving the overall reduction in variable costs through process optimization, training, new material trials and daily action plans.
  • The Optimization Manager will actively participate in the development of periodic forecasts (typically monthly) and yearly budgeting of the cement manufacturing process and from time-to-time drive capital projects.
  • Review plant operating performance to ensure adherence to quality standards and optimum production levels.
  • Develop product and manufacturing improvement proposals, presenting cost justifications for these and other capital improvements to the Plant Manager.
  • Developing organizational improvements
  • Teaching new operators, the theory of operation of the plant
  • Coaching operators when needed
  • Developing and implementing optimization plans and proposals in conjunction with the Production Manager, Mine Manager, Environmental Manager, and Maintenance Manager
  • Developing and implementing optimization plans and proposals regarding automation.
  • Responsible for being the natural link between technical sales and marketing and assist in resolving customer issues.
  • Ensuring that Company makes quality products that stay within our contractual limits.

Specific Accountabilities:

  • Maintain plant technical improvement / optimization
  • Maintain I improve plant performance
  • Accountable for Process, Quality, and Systems pertaining to company guidelines and
  • Accountable for promoting "safety first” attitude among
  • Promote teamwork and a positive outlook within the organization by developing cohesiveness between departments.
  • Provide leadership efforts of the quality, process, and system departments.


  • Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline is required
  • Minimum 4 years of process experience in the cement industry.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in quality standards, systems, and procedures

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