Optimization Manager

Position Title: Optimization Manager

Reports to: Vice President of Operations

Direct Reports:
(2) Process Engineers
(1) Reliability Engineer
(1) Automation Supervisor


The Optimization Manager manages, directs, and coordinates production improvement activities and personnel, and drives improvements in plant safety, environmental performance and quality and operational excellence. The Optimization Manager is to meet or exceed production and cost goals within the defined standards of safety, environmental performance, and quality, and will focus on cost savings goals through raw material, fuel, and other various trials. The Optimization Manager is responsible for the daily technical operational review of the plant which includes determining actions based off poor equipment performance. The Optimization Manager will also have the responsibility of the plant's business (network) and process systems (HMI I PLC) and is responsible for the development of entry level Process and Reliability Engineers.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Is a member of the plant safety leadership team and is expected to uphold and grow the safety culture in the plant by working with plant employees and leadership towards overall improvement in safety. This includes involvement in the plant Safety Committee.
  • Directs production/operations improvement-related programs and personnel.
  • Develops, trains and reviews performance periodically of direct reports.
  • Affects job performance through motivating, establishing goals and providing feedback.
  • Drives the overall reduction in production costs through process optimization, training, new material trials and daily action plans.
  • Actively participates in the development of periodic forecasts (typically monthly) and yearly budgeting of the cement manufacturing process and from time-to-time drive capital projects.
  • Review plant operating performance to ensure adherence to quality standards and optimum production levels.
  • Develops product and manufacturing improvement proposals, presenting cost justifications for these and other capital improvements to the VP of Operations. Develops organizational improvements and technical understanding.
  • Teaches/coaches control room operators, especially in the theory of operation of the equipment.
  • Develops and implements optimization plans and proposals in conjunction with other Departmental Managers.
  • Develops and implements optimization plans and proposals regarding automation.
  • Ensures optimum machinery performance and minimum downtime.
  • Reviews production reports to analyze production and processing trends.
  • Protects company interests under labor agreement(s) and applicable governmental regulations pertaining to safety, environment, and other employment areas.
  • Recommends improvements and other types of suggestions to improve plant productivity, employee morale, etc.
  • Develops and manages operating and capital budgets and provide accurate cost forecasting in coordination with the Vice President of Finance.
  • B.S. degree in Engineering.
  • 5 years of experience in cement plant operations.
  • Experience with MS Office and CMMS software.
  • Technical schooling in the cement process not required but recommended.
  • Familiarity with cement process equipment.
  • Capable of making technical evaluations of machine performance and formulating specific solutions to problems identified.
  • Extensive knowledge of all operational processes involved in the cement manufacturing process, including engineering principles, management techniques, government regulations and production processes.
Management Skills:
  • Must be able to set clear expectations and goals for maintaining performance through developmental counseling.
  • Ability to drive employee responsibility and accountability.
  • Ability to guide individuals and groups toward goal achievement.
  • Ability to minimize/manage conflict.
  • Possesses excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong focus on Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • Good negotiator with the ability to reconcile conflict and differences in a manner that gains agreement or acceptance of all parties without damaging, hampering, or expressly ranking functions.
  • Excellent communication skills.
Personal Characteristics:
  • Attributes and values that influence behavior when confronted with changes, ambiguity, adversity, or other pressures.
  • Capable of handling daily stress, deadlines, personnel interactions.
  • Excellent tolerance of ambiguity and be flexible and adaptable to demands of varying environments.
  • Resilient.
  • Capable of changing attitudes/practices so as to meet immediate compliance in safety and environmental areas.
  • Persistent in motivational efforts.
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