Baltimore, MD

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate


- Proficiency in navigating internet and web-based applications.
- Interpret wide range of reference materials. Utilization of 3rd party information providers interfaces (e.g. Xcitek, Bloomberg, SWIFT, etc.), as well as those of Agents and Exchange.
- Excellent problem solving skills
- Detail-oriented, maintains accurate and complete records
- Strong organizational skills
- Learns quickly and displays adaptability
- Shows initiative, is self-motivated and also works well with a team
- Proficient written and verbal communications skills
- Write technical documents, business specs, test plans and scripts

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Specialist include but are not limited to the following:

- Validate full range of international corporate actions, from simple events such as Cash Dividend and Returns of Capital, to more complex events like Mergers and Optional Exchanges.
- Perform front to back processing of corporate action events, including set up, validation, payment and reconciliation
- Extensive interaction with various departments including international Position Services groups, Prime Brokerage and Controllers
- Field high volume of diverse inquiries from various consumers, business units and stakeholders.
- Interface with external corporate action data providers, counterparties, industry utilities and third party service providers.
- Scrutinize day to day processes, technology platforms and workflows, and identify and implement opportunities for enhancement and improvement
- Participate in system testing and respond to ongoing demands for increased coverage and service.

The department's stakeholders include the Institutional Equity and Fixed Income Divisions, as well as Wealth Management. Products supported include but are not limited to Equities and Fixed Income Products.

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