Baltimore, MD

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate
Analytical, Technically Proficient w/ Excel, Intuitive (self-initiator)

Our customers trade derivatives and swaps and borrow money on margin from the Firm. They are required to maintain sufficient collateral in the form of assets held with us. The Margin Department performs a key function by calculating daily the mark-to-market valuation of client portfolios and issuing margin calls in order to ensure that sufficient collateral is maintained to comply with US regulations and to minimize the Firm’s exposure to counterparty and market risk.

You will play an important role in contributing to the team’s goal of monitoring Firm exposure to our customers across the Institutional Equities, Prime Brokerage and Private Wealth Management businesses. The businesses we support rely on our team to manage and highlight operational risk in the margin process. We are the last line of defense in a market or client crisis. You will form part of this defense.
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