New York City, NY

Job Type
Full-Time Temporary

Pay Rate

Top 4 Skills:

  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Some tax reporting or stock plan experience
  • Client focus and problem solving skills

Operations Professional

The Stock Plan Services Operations Associate/Professional is responsible for account maintenance and corrections, complex problem research, and identifying areas and processes where enhancement and/or automation would prove beneficial.

Associates/Professionals are responsible for various functions in Operations which may include reviewing daily reject and reconciliation reports, account updates, research and resolution of escalated issues, responding to corporate client and client manager inquiries, bulk account sales and share deliveries, basic understanding of dividends and corporate actions as well as knowledge of tax reporting rules associated with these transactions, etc.

Associates/Professionals are required to meet production and quality standards, cross train in multiple functions, adhere to compliance and control guidelines, and interact with internal and external clients, as well as peers in client management, IT and core operations.

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

  • Computer proficiency including, but not limited to:
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet and Website Knowledge and navigation skills
  • Time and Stress Management skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Technical Support skills a plus
  • Client-Focus and problem-solving skills
  • Multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail and quality of work
  • Follow-through and accountability
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Initiative/Self-starter
  • Proactive
  • College Degree is preferred
  • A desire for a career in Financial Services is a must
  • GSPS and/or operations experience preferred
  • Stock Plan Operations
  • Special Processing Job Functions
  • Manage all facets of corrections for 130 ESPP & Restricted Stock plans including but not limited to:
  • Manual WTC, STC and SAS figuration cancels
  • Preparation and running of global cancel files
  • Withholding reversals
  • Dividend cancels and reprocessing
  • Creation of project plans for complex adjustments
  • Review daily reports and reach out to appropriate team for fixes as applicable:
  • SP10 out of sync report
  • Underwithholding report
  • Daily reject reports—PNESD050, PNESD01A, PNESD01B, including OFAC or duplicate sale rejects, etc
  • Abandoned Property reject report—PNESD550, PNESD038
  • Run files to change officer dividend payment from cash to reinvestment or vice versa, etc.
  • Review of seven house error accounts; ensure all items have associated back up and documentation
  • Forced termination process (sell shares for terminated participants)
  • Trade corrections (trade movement/split/pair off)
  • Manual/Bulk journal processing
  • Support the research and reconciliation of breaks, fractional share research and updates, corporate action research and resolution
  • Work with IT to research and determine root causes of problem issues, submit ServiceNow tickets as applicable
  • Review and determine which processes need to be updated, enhanced or automated. Submit work orders, develop test cases and participate in UAT testing
  • Long share trades adjustments
  • Tax Lots adjustments
  • Monthly retail statements checkout
  • Coordinate the cross department checkout for SP10 Quarterly Activity statements for approximately 1 million accounts
  • Coordinate the cross department checkout for Year end tax reporting:
  • Manage and update runbook of over 500 tasks
  • Facilitate training meetings
  • Checkout of 50 runbook tasks specific to special processing team
  • ROC calculation checkout
  • Cost basis calculation checkout
  • Wash sale calculation checkout
  • Work with IT to research issue tracker items reported
  • Manage upcoming events calendar and watch list
  • Perform monthly firm BAU checkouts
  • Review accounts and run consolidation job (Friday job) to combine participants accounts
  • Research and respond to and client manager and corporate client inquiries
  • Facilitate weekly dividend call and prepare minutes
  • Review of potential escheatment accounts for OGA
  • Prepare accounts for movement to pre-escheatment accounts (787 via SOPT z-sub)
  • Review and processing of requests to return shares to SP10 from abandoned property
  • Review and research to determine cause of returned mail items
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