New York City, NY

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate

Operations Support Level 1

Duration: 6 months

Pay Rate: $16.47

Work Location: 1300 Thames Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230



Top 3 Skills: Communication skills, attention to detail, prioritization.

Duties include: Processing incoming and outgoing paperwork including mail and facsimiles; support client service associates and operational personnel; checking inbound client documents for accuracy, notating all activities on the account, and submitting accurate forms for final processing to service center; make outbound contact both in writing and verbally with clients concerning paperwork. Requires ability to define and prioritize project activities and follow-up on project progress; strong written and verbal communication skills, strong working knowledge and proficiency in the appropriate computer programs such as MS Excel and database input is essential, knowledge of financial services field. Must be able to learn quickly and to engage in a number of detailed tasks at once. Must have strong flexibility in regard to the duties assigned and problem solving skills, be able to work independently.

•You will be responsible for the agreement and processing of daily margin calls with our Derivatives Clearing Clients, setting up payments and receipts of cash and collateral and monitoring them for settlement.
•You will be expected to respond to client requests with accuracy and speed.
•You will be part of a team of analysts and specialists operating within a region and for a particular product or functional process

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