Ocean Export Manager


District Manager


Regional Directgor Ocean


  • Support the company strategy on a local level
  • Work towards helping the company to be the recognized industry leader


To further develop the ocean export product in the marketplace through focus on Operations, Finances, Sales, People, Systems, and Culture in adherence to the company’s policy and procedures.



  • Identify, develop, and mentor your No. 2.
  • Review and participate to staff appraisals timely, and at a minimum once per year per employee.
  • Ensure all staff and positions have job descriptions, clear expectations and are working with structured development plans.
  • Ensure and assist supervisors and key staff with goal setting and monitoring.
  • Conduct regular interviews with potential new personnel.
  • Plan for and hold effective monthly department meetings with team.
  • Review department goals and business plan periodically with staff to ensure buy-in and accountability.
  • Ensure team meets company standards of 52 hours training per year, including as needed management/leadership training for the Management team.


  • Create and maintain an effective department organization chart, which is designed for flexibility and growth
  • Prepare, execute, monitor and update at regular intervals the business plan for the department
  • Monitor and improve key departmental productivity indicators including but not limited to:
    • Shipments Per Desk (SPD)
    • Revenue Per Desk (RPD)
    • Expense Per Desk (EPD)
    • Revenue Per Shipment (RPS)
    • Revenue to Expense ratio
    • Excel measurements
  • Instill and foster a climate of compliance at all times to regulations. This includes internal policies and procedures such as Operational Process Standards (OPS) and external government regulations or customer policies/requirements.
  • Map and understand department process flow, constantly looking for areas of improved efficiency to offer customers better cycle times and service as well as controlling costs.
  • Ensure all customers standard operating procedures are documented and kept up to date in the Customer SOP in Share point.
  • Ensure the system reports including but not limited to the below list are utilized at the level of frequency mentioned in order to effectively manage operations:
    • Daily Status Exception Report - STAT1 (Daily)
    • Shipment Transit Log Report - TRNRPT (Daily)
    • Consolidation Report - CONRPT (weekly - if not feeding a gateway for majority of freight) (monthly- if using primarily a gateway)
    • Shipment Summary Report - SHSUM (monthly)
    • Revenue Report - REVRPT (monthly or more frequent as needed)
    • Route Activity Report - RARRPT (monthly or more frequent as needed)
    • Aged Warehouse Status Report – STAT3 (at least weekly)
    • Global Workflow Monitor
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with vendors (shipping lines, trucking companies, and others)
  • Work to be our vendors lowest cost customer through electronic booking, shipper built units, and other creative local market solutions to lower overall cost for both parties.
  • Evaluate vendors at defined intervals per company policy, focusing on areas of possible improvement with corrective action plans where needed.
  • Regularly read and review business and trade journals and attend industry events to further market and industry knowledge.


  • Actively develop business for department through active involvement in sales and retention process and close coordination with sales department.
  • Complete 5 Sales and/or Retention Calls per week and ensure they are documented in the CRM database.
  • Ensure Customer reviews are completed with your regular customers.
  • Pro-actively provide pricing alternatives, routing solutions and technical assistance to clients through internal sales both regional and global.
  • Respond to requests for proposal, quotation or information timely and with market competitive pricing matching the scope of service required by the customer.
  • Take an active role in the transition of new business/ updates to existing business.


  • Assist District Manager with preparation of annual department budget.
  • Meet monthly with District Manager to review department financial PnL and productivity results and goals.
  • Review, understand and focus on improving department freight yields.
  • Attend Accounts Receivable meetings and proactively work to maintain accounts payment within 30 days.
  • Ensure company credit procedures are followed and utilized effectively.
  • Manage accounts payable to vendors (shipping lines, truckers etc.) utilizing BNP.
  • Manage intercompany accounting discrepancies via AJAX report.
  • Review Daily Branch Revenue report (Daily).
  • Ensure any contracts, vendor, customer or other, are reviewed in accordance to company contract policies prior to being signed.
  • Follow company capex procedure for the purchasing of any equipment for your staff or department.
  • Utilize Top 20 Accounts report to continually evaluate the development of you departmental client base and the revenue distribution amounts and % of top clients, and work towards goal of balanced customer base (no more than 10% revenue by one customer)


  • Promote compliance in diligently following all company policies and regulations and in being the role model of integrity and pride for all employees.
  • Proactively communicate with the team to ensure continuous awareness and understanding of policies and regulations.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the Trade Compliance Manager and support all compliance efforts and trainings.


  • Proactively promote the company’s 10 cultural attributes: Appearance, Attitude, Confidence, Curiosity, Excellence, Integrity, Pride, Resolute, Sense of Humor, and Visionary.


  • Be open to implementing new system changes and enhancements into your department.
  • Be involved and suggest system/process improvements.
  • Set the tone of this environment within your department.



  • The company policies and procedures knowledge
  • A good understanding of the company’s products, services and systems
  • Strong market and competition knowledge


  • Effective interpersonal skills, including proven abilities to listen, comprehend, effectively communicate clearly and concisely to obtain positive results.
  • Good Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word etc.).
  • Proven negotiation skills


  • Emotional resilience
  • Self-reflecting and open to feedback
  • Initiative and ability to work in autonomy
  • Role model of integrity and pride for all employees
  • Proven leadership attitude and background


Training Requirements:

  • Meet company standards of 52 hours training per year, including as needed management/leadership training

Education and Experience:

  • 4 years of inductry specific qualification (country specific).

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