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The Royster Group, Inc. is a leader in providing executive search and professional staffing services in the private and public sectors, and healthcare industry. Royster’s goal is to help organizations fill their human capital pipeline with highly qualified leaders and healthcare providers at all levels of the organization. Our core values of Customer Service, Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability and Respect drives all aspects of our business.

We are seeking a full-time Occupational Health Physician to join the dynamic team at DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic (Pentagon) to provide healthcare support to our active duty.

Duties/Responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

  • Examine, diagnose, treat or prescribe courses of treatment within the scope of training, experience, and privileges.
  • Direct, perform, or assist in the instruction of other health care professionals within the scope of the clinical privileges or responsibilities.
  • Provide preventive and health maintenance care, including annual physicals, positive health behaviors, and self-care skills through education and counseling.
  • Order diagnostic tests as applicable as well as request consultation or referral with appropriate physicians, clinics, or other health resources as indicated.
  • Technically proficient in directing and teaching other medical staff, providing educational lectures and participating in the provision of in-service training to clinic staff members. Such direction and interaction will adhere to Government and professional clinical standards and accepted clinical Protocols.
  • Devise, under the supervision of the Medical Director, medical surveillance programs required by Federal OSHA and the Office of Personnel Management;
  • Perform examinations on employees and applicants for employment referred by various agencies to determine whether or not the individuals in question are medically qualified for employment; continuation on duty; overseas assignment; disability retirement; extended health coverage; handicap status, and consideration of accommodations that may be considered when a person develops a personal health problem;
  • Advise management in regards to applicants for employment whose medical condition may dictate special placement;
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate agency as to the advisability of assigning applicants overseas when the applicants have a medical problem and may be jeopardized due to geographic location or non-availability of proper medical care facilities;
  • Perform general medical examinations of civilian employees in mandated medical surveillance programs to determine their physical condition and need for medical treatment, if any, to improve their health and to correct malfunctions or deficiencies, or to arrest degenerative or potentially degenerative physical conditions. The design and scope of examinations performed are typical of those performed by an occupational health physician and include the duties needed to meet 14 essential program elements in occupational health, as listed in Army Regulation (AR) 40-5;
  • Shall make value judgments about the relationship of known impairments to job functions;
  • Perform periodic examination on employees whose work involves exposure to toxic materials or other environmental influences capable of adversely affecting health, to detect early manifestations of the effects of these materials or influences before severe or irreversible damage to body has occurred. Employees at worksites such as Adelphi Laboratory Center, the National Geospatial and Intelligence Agency, and certain shops in the Pentagon may be exposed to hazardous substances or other dangers;
  • Advises employees regarding the hazards to which they are exposed, and measures to be taken to minimize possible adverse effects;
  • Examine employees with personal ailments which interrupt or interfere with their work. He/she shall make diagnosis and evaluate the patient’s condition on the basis of examination, reports and medical experience. The contracted physician shall treat personal health problems responding to within day care, as in AR 40-5;
  • Shall employ appropriate regulatory guidance to determine eligibility for care and third-party reimbursement. The contracted physician shall comply with administrative and policy requirements including reports, statistics, and requests for data, shall participate in Performance Improvement Committees and shall attend occupational health meetings;
  • Shall collaborate with other professionals in case management and shall plan and implement training programs for other healthcare providers and general public to prevent and treat disorders. The contracted employee shall maintain a productive working relationship with other occupational health physicians, occupational health nurses and administrative staff;
  • Provide consultation services for members of the MTF staff for purposes of specialty area training. As may be required, the contracted Health Care Provider (HCP) will serve in a teaching capacity to staff members assigned to the MTF ambulatory clinics;
  • Maintain accurate clinical records and receiving request for consultations and laboratory work of specific patients;
  • Complete medical charting within 72 hours of patient visit IAW with JC guidelines;
  • Provide advice and opinions upon request to the referring physician in support of patient care and treatment;
  • When necessary, the Contract HCP may be required to assume additional administrative or clinical duties as requested or needed to ensure sustainment of normal clinic operations and ensure compliance with JC standards, to include, but not limited to, managing daily schedules, reviewing and disposition consults, monitoring appointment utilization and patient access to care, conducting mandatory clinical training, monitoring clinic supplies and equipment, ensuring enforcement of clinic SOPs and standards, conducting monthly peer review and attend staff meetings.
  • Maintain medical records that accurately reflect assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Practice within guidelines/ standards established by the Military Treatment Facility and specialty organization.
  • Comply with patient privacy/confidentiality requirements (HIPPA).
  • Maintain a continuous high level of quality of service, as measured by customer.


  • Degree/Education: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) from an accredited college approved by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical Association, a Doctorate Degree in Osteopathy from a college accredited by the American Osteopathic Association.
  • Experience: Minimum 2 years experience
  • Board Certification: Must be Board eligible or board certified by the American Occupational Medicine or the American Board of Internal Medicine.
  • Licensure: Must be in good standing, and under no clinical restrictions, with the state licensure board in any state in which a license is held. Must maintain current certification in required training. Shall be current with and have completed all continuing education requirements specified by applicable professional licensure or certification.
  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification
  • Current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number certificate
  • Internship/Residency: Shall have completed an Occupational Medicine residency-training program, which is accredited by the American Board of Occupational Medicine, or an Internal Medicine residency-training program, which is accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Shall be able to read, write, speak and understand English well enough to effectively communicate with all patients and other health care providers.
  • Shall be knowledgeable of equipment and supply terminology and skill sufficient to identify and use necessary equipment and supplies properly and to communicate proper use with nurses, medical staff, patients, and family members.
  • Shall be sufficiently skilled to teach patients proper self-care and to motivate patients and family members to continue the procedures for promoting rapid healing.
  • Shall be knowledgeable and possess skills necessary to provide care appropriate to any age-related needs of the patients;
  • Shall be a U.S citizen.
  • Shall have documentation of current Drug Enforcement Agency number.
  • The Contract HCP shall demonstrate skills in interviewing, examination, assessment, and management of patients with general medical and surgical health problems. Seriously ill patients shall be managed in consultation with or by direct referral to specialty physicians.

Work Hours:

Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm

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