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Surgical Services Manager

OR / Surgery Manager

The Surgical Services Manager plans, directs, organizes, evaluates and manages nursing activities in the delivery of patient care activities, pediatric through geriatric in the operative environment. This position will coordinate and administer Surgical Services activities and programs with other health system services and physicians. This position assumes 24 hour clinical and management responsibility for this area.

• Coordinates, supervises, and evaluates the operations and organization of Surgical Services and provides quality patient care and efficient and effective utilization of staff, supplies and equipment.
• Demonstrated knowledge of hospital and nursing services policies and procedures and nursing trends related to Surgical Services.
• Develops, implements and evaluates goals, policies and procedures, standards of practice and new programs for Surgical Services.
• Develops, implements and interpretation of state regulations and compliance.
• Assess the needs (staffing, equipment, supplies, programs, etc) of Surgical Services.
• Coordinate and delegates the duties of the surgical services staff, as well as coordinating schedules for cross-trained staff.
• Evaluates the work performance of the surgical services staff and provide feedback regarding their performance.
• Completed Annual Performance Appraisals.
• Provides input in all aspects of the hiring/termination process.
• Participates in the disciplinary process for surgical services staff.
• Instructs staff regarding techniques, procedures and hospital policies.
• Conducts monthly department meetings.
• Maintains accurate documentation of staff education and competencies.
• Coordinates, organizes and ensures orientation for new staff is complete.
• Serves as a liaison between patient, physician, family, administration, or other staff members.
• Directs and controls the flow and operational efficiency of equipment and supplies.
• Evaluates new equipment and supplies and consults with the Chief Nursing Officer regarding selection.
• Performs as a scrub nurse, circulating nurse, recovery room nurse to provide patient care when needed.
• Promotes and participates in quality improvement, risk management, safety practices, and performance improvement.
• Department specific performance improvement reported as required.
• Continually assess, evaluate, and create plan for improved patient satisfaction.
• Assists with development and implementation of infection control measures.
• Ensure and maintain up to date Chargemaster.
• Responsible for developing and ensuring departmental budget.
• Supervises and oversees sterilization process.
• Supervises care of Surgery Department and equipment to ensure cleanliness, sterility, and operational ability of the department and equipment.
• Ensures proper temperature, ventilation and lighting are maintained to provide a comfortable work environment.
• Follows Universal Precautions/Infection Control policies.

1. Develops, understands, and manages departmental budget. Ensures that budgetary concerns are communicated to their Chief as needed.
2. Identifies performance expectations and ensures that employees understand those expectations. Assesses employee performance in a timely manner and works with employees to resolve performance issues. Takes timely and appropriate disciplinary actions. Acknowledges employee accomplishments.
3. Communicates and enforces Compass Memorial Healthcare policies. Develops policies and procedures essential to the operation of the department in compliance with regulatory requirements.
4. Creates and maintains departmental job descriptions. Builds a team with diverse skills and strengths by selecting the best candidate for each position. Develops effective staffing patterns to meet departmental needs.

1. Support and abide by all Standards of Behavior.
2. Uses AIDET/Patient satisfaction initiatives.
3. Practices Service Recovery when there is a perceived service failure.
4. Takes responsibility to stay informed by reading emails, newsletter, departmental and organizational communication boards, and attending departmental meetings and employee forums.
5. Grooming and dress routinely expresses respect for patients and coworkers. Also demonstrates concern for the appearance of the work environment by helping to keep the facility and work areas clean and orderly at all times.
6. Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines of the organization. Attends meetings and in-service programs as required. Comes to rounding prepared and is accountable for attending rounding.
7. Organizes and expresses ideas clearly, using appropriate documentation and communication methods. Responds to requests from patients and coworkers in a timely manner, and communicates with them to ensure they are satisfied and that their needs are being met. Accepts constructive feedback in a positive manner. When involved in a negative conversation will turn the conversation in a positive direction.
8. Complies with all policies and regulations governing the activities of the organization. Participate in process improvement. Supports administration and the efforts for improvement and is part of the solution to the problems.
9. Supports goals and objectives of department and organization.
10. Performance exemplifies financial stewardship and budget sensitivity.
11. Is aware of differences and is sensitive to the needs of different cultures. Modifies behaviors and communications to accommodate these differences.
12. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide appropriate care and service to customers and/or patients based on their physical, psycho/social, educational, safety, and other related needs. Exemplifies and encourages others to focus on the customer and fosters an environment where customer service is a priority.
13. Maintains positive attitude and demonstrates commitment to the organization's Mission, Vision, and Values at all times. Supports and participates in the Strategic Excellence Initiatives to demonstrate commitment and loyalty to the organization. Versatile, takes initiative and displays pride in their work. Does not participate in rumors or speculation.
14. Participates in performance improvement activities at both the departmental and organizational levels.
15. Never accesses or divulges confidential information without clear authorization and a genuine need-to-know. Is aware of HIPAA regulations and acts accordingly.
16. Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses, and targets areas for self-development. Participates in educational opportunities and works toward developing new skills and enhancing existing skills.
17. Reports any and all accidents and incidents promptly and completely. Reports and/or corrects safety hazards as encountered. Demonstrates awareness of safety regulations and policies of the organization in daily work.
18. Builds rapport with coworkers to support a team environment. Exchanges ideas and contributes skills that complement those of the other team members. Fulfills commitments to team members.
19. Manages time and prioritizes tasks to ensure that deadlines are met. Utilizes available resources when needed.
20. Volunteers to assist with employee activities and committees. Also supports and participates in community events.
21. Represents CMH positively in the community. Behaviors including criticizing, condemning and complaining about CMH or the communities in our service area in public are not acceptable. We will praise each other, commend the hospital and focus on the positive aspects of the hospital when in public.

Graduate from an accredited school of Nursing. BSN Required *Masters preferred
Current state of Iowa Nursing license.
BLS, ACLS, PALS required or completed within first 6 months of hire.
Experience includes a minimum of Five (5) years of OR experience within the past Seven (7) years.
Previous management experience preferred.
Must have the ability to work with associated technologies relevant to the position.
Must possess the ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in written form, needs and solutions with all levels of the organization.
Ability to define problems, collect information, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.


Andy McCall, Recruiter
Main 512 444 6400 x51
Midwest Office 515 337 2800 (Direct Dial)

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