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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

We are currently seeking a skilled CRNA looking for a permanent position. This is a great opportunity to join an emerging community hospital in the NOVA region of Virginia. This Nurse Anesthetists will perform specialized and critical nursing duties for surgical patients before, during and after surgery. An indispensable member of any surgical team, patients will rely on your expertise and skills to deliver anesthetics.

BENEFITS Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA):

  • Full Benefits; health, dental, and life
  • Competitive Pay
  • Sign on bonus included

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Performing and documenting a pre-anesthetic assessment and evaluation, including requesting consultations and diagnostic studies; selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering pre-anesthetic medications and fluids; and obtaining informed consent for anesthesia.
  • Developing and implementing an anesthetic plan.
  • Initiating the anesthetic technique which may include: general, regional, local and sedation.
  • Selecting, applying, and inserting appropriate invasive and noninvasive monitoring modalities for continuous evaluation of the patient’s physical condition.
  • Selecting, obtaining, and administering the anesthetics, adjuvant and accessory drugs, and fluids necessary to manage the anesthetic.
  • Performing and managing regional anesthesia techniques including, but not limited to subarachnoid and epidural blocks; plexus, major and peripheral nerve blocks, intravenous regional anesthesia; trans-tracheal, topical and local infiltration blocks.
  • Obtaining and preparing all equipment, monitors, supplies, and medications required for the administration of anesthesia. Performing equipment safety checks as per unit guidelines.
  • Managing the patient’s airway and pulmonary status using current practice modalities.
  • Facilitating emergence and recovery from anesthesia by selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering medications, fluids, and ventilator support.
  • Providing a thorough transition of care to the post-surgical care provider.
  • The CRNA is proficient in caring for pediatric, adult and geriatric patient populations.
  • Accepting additional responsibilities that are appropriate within the expertise of the individual CRNA and are appropriate to the practice setting.
  • Responding to emergency situations providing airway management, administration of emergency fluids and drugs, and using basic or advanced cardiac life support techniques.
  • The delivery of quality anesthesia services that are founded in scientific research, reflective of current standards, evidence based and cost-efficient.
  • The CRNA maintains accurate, legible and confidential records.

If you are interested in this opportunity contact:

Kai Russ Recruiter
Main (512)795 2000 x10 Office 608 640 3900

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