Molding Process Excellence Leader

Position summary:

Meaningful role where you are responsible for the alignment of molding manufacturing projects across all Company locations and contract manufacturing, respecting current standards, globally.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Champions planning processes that aligns and prioritizes projects linked to business strategy and business planning at a global level.
  • Strong work ethic to partner with various teams to actively standardize injection molds and processes, build an atmosphere of continuous improvement, reduce costs, and collaborate with other functional teams.
  • Lead transfer projects for Molding and work self-driven on the project plan
  • Oversee all activities with Mold Maker for changes on the design and as well on improvement and optimization of the molds, respecting current company molding standards
  • Capture all data from primarily production facility to prepare the move of molding molds/ machines and processes smoothly into the new facility
  • Mentor the receiving plants on the transferred products/ processes/ molds and equipment
  • Oversee trails on final side and submit the FAI report to Product Engineering
  • Monitors that the product spec and company standard will be respected from Contract manufacturer and drive audits
  • Self-starter who evaluates and interprets results from Plants for future optimizations of molding processes and prepare budget estimations based on the needs
  • Provides unique assistance on Molding Governance projects
  • Technical contact for Production & Engineering for Injection Molding processes on contract manufacturing side
  • Dedicated interface between Project Teams/ Division Engineering and Manufacturing Plants
  • Proven work ethic to guide, organize and coordinate activities for Contract manufacturing related projects
  • As part of the core team, a primary champion for IMS implementation

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or Plastic Engineering.
  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Plastic Engineering preferred
  • At least 10 years of experience with high performance production processes in injection molding
  • At least 10 years’ experience and deep knowledge of high performance molds and mold manufacturing options
  • Basic knowledge of resin and coloring
  • Confirmed analytical skills to identify and diagnose issues, work in teams, and bring to bear the resources to accomplish tasks
  • Experience in leading multiple people and projects and producing quality work on time and within budget; positive
  • Good knowledge with MS office. Prefer experience with SAP
  • International travels availability by 70%

Job Type
Full-Time Regular


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