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  • Comply with the Health, Safety, and Environmental policies
  • Conduct lab tests or investigations on samples for purposes of quality control. Prepares samples by sectioning, polishing, or etching for microscopic or macroscopic examination.
  • Manage metallurgical quality related issues within the manufacturing team (ie internal, supplier, customer and customer warranty)
  • Studies and interprets microstructures to determine grain structure, porosity, homogeneity, or other characteristics
  • Maintains laboratory and equipment
  • Creates or edits heat treat furnace programs for proper carbon levels, temperature, and load time
  • Develop and train operators in proper heat treat processes
  • Monitors furnace operations to maintain proper running maintenance, using flow controls, computer controls, analyzing recording data, monitoring burner conditions and devices used to maintain atmospheres, mechanical loading and unloading equipment
  • Perform and identify root cause through appropriate analysis methods and ensure effective corrective actions on material defects or heat treat processes
  • Prepares company or customer required quality analysis reports or certifications
  • Contribute to development, monitor adherence to and contribute to continuous improvement process innovation activities pertaining to the plant
  • Carry out product and process auditing in addition to internal audit programs

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Full-Time Regular
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