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Candidate must be willing and able to:

  • Help maintain safe work environment.
  • Provide technical support to operations and maintenance personnel
  • Manage and evaluate trials to improve efficiencies, quality, and productivity
  • Conceive, develop, manage, and evaluate new ideas in the steel making process
  • Be involved at times as a leader, and other times as a team member in various projects
  • Develop and/or improve current inventory and production record keeping and analysis
  • Assist in leading Metallurgy Lab, supervising lab technicians, maintaining spectrometers and various equipment.


  • Ability to create and maintain a safe work environment for self and crews
  • Relevant college degree (Metallurgical, Material Science, or Chemical Engineering)
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to make informed decisions and find assistance when needed

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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